Electrify Expo Austin Showcases EVs, E-Bikes, Industry Updates, and 20,000 Demo Rides
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Electrify Expo Austin Showcases EVs, E-Bikes, Industry Updates, and 20,000 Demo Rides

Electrify Expo Austin Auto Demos Ford Volvo Polestar VinFast
  • Electrify Expo Austin featured more than 100 exhibits, including major brands like Tesla, Ford, Toyota, and others, showcasing a wide range of electric vehicles, e-bikes, and e-scooters.
  • The festival saw significant growth in its third year, with over 20,000 demo rides of electric vehicles, e-bikes, e-scooters, and more, making it a highly interactive event for attendees.
  • Industry Day at Electrify Expo Austin gathered influential figures in electrification, with VinFast, Yokohama, Hankook, and NIU making major announcements, highlighting the event’s importance in the electric mobility industry.
  • Electrify Showoff featured over 80 custom EVs, including cars, trucks, and bikes, showcasing the growing interest and creativity in custom EV conversions.
  • The Tesla Cybertruck made a surprise appearance, generating significant attention on social media.

Austin, Texas, recently hosted Electrify Expo, North America’s largest electric vehicle (EV) festival on November 10-12. This event marked the final stop of their 2023 tour, transforming the Formula 1 race track at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) into a dynamic showcase of electric mobility. Electrify Expo Austin offered a staggering array of more than 20,000 demo rides, proving the growing appeal and excitement around electric vehicles.

The Kickoff: Industry Day Brings Experts and Innovations to the Forefront

electrify expo austin industry keynotes fireside chats matt teske loren mcdonald

Electrify Expo Austin Industry Day commenced on November 10th with key figures from Ford, VinFast, Keysight, Anker, NIU, Chargeway, and others engaging in vital discussions. Topics ranged from industry opportunities to challenges shaping the future of electric transportation. The day was moderated by journalists from the Wall Street Journal, AdWeek, and Forbes, ensuring a blend of perspectives.

  • electrify expo austin industry day press tour vinfast
  • electrify expo austin industry day press tour ford
  • electrify expo austin industry day press tour owlet
  • electrify expo austin industry day press tour vinfast
  • electrify expo austin industry day ride and drives volvo
  • VinFast’s Expansion Plans: VinFast announced its aggressive U.S. expansion, demonstrating the global scale of EV growth.
  • Yokohama’s EV Tire Debut: Yokohama introduced its first-ever ultra high-performance all-season tire, engineered specifically for EVs.
  • Volvo’s Upcoming EVs: Volvo showcased two all-electric vehicles slated for 2024, highlighting their commitment to electrification.
  • NIU’s Electric Dirt Bike: The debut of NIU’s new XQi3 electric dirt bike was a significant addition to the event.

electrify expo austin industry keynotes fireside chats BJ Birtwell

After Industry Day wrapped up, BJ Birtwell, founder and CEO of Electrify Expo unveiled the 2024 Electrify Expo schedule. It starts at a new location in Orlando, FL, and then travels across the country, stopping in Phoenix, Long Beach, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and finally, wrapping up in Austin, Texas. Following this announcement, attendees were invited to participate in outdoor booth tours, ride and drive demos, and the day concluded with an Industry Day Happy Hour, providing further networking opportunities to mingle with top executives, policy makers, media moguls, and influencers.


Exploring the Electrify Expo Austin: Choose Your Adventure

Upon entering the grounds of Electrify Expo at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, you’re immediately greeted by the VinFast VF 9. This all-new, 7-seater, 3rd-row seating electric SUV was a testament to the advancements in EV technology. The sprawling festival grounds offered a myriad of choices: left, right, or straight ahead, each direction promising its own unique experiences.

The Electrify Expo logo, prominently displayed at the entrance, was a popular selfie spot, with the event itself providing a picturesque backdrop. Behind this logo was Electrify Showoff, a custom car show encapsulated within the Expo, showcasing a variety of unique and custom electric vehicles.

“The popularity of EVs in Austin has shot through the roof,” said BJ Birtwell. “Attendees got to experience EVs in real, meaningful ways on multiple demo courses, including the famed F1 race track. In addition to EVs, we had thousands experience e-bikes for the first time. And we even had Tesla surprise everyone with a Cybertruck appearance. You could feel the thrill and excitement of attendees all weekend long.”

A Showcase of Automotive Giants

Electrify Expo Austin united industry giants, unveiling their newest electric vehicles. As you explore the expansive exhibition spaces at COTA, it becomes evident that the future of mobility is electric, and it’s looking pretty darn exciting. Leading OEM manufacturers such as BMW, Ford, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Polestar, Porsche, Tesla, Toyota, VinFast, Volvo, and Volkswagen showcased their cutting-edge electric models.

Polestar’s Exciting Electric Lineup

Polestar showcased its impressive lineup, including the Polestar 2 and Polestar 3 models. Attendees had the chance to get behind the wheel of the Polestar 2 for a hands-on experience. Additionally, the performance-oriented Polestar 2 BST edition 270, tailored for electric performance enthusiasts, was prominently displayed. Knowledgeable product specialists were available to provide information and assist attendees throughout the booth.


BMW’s Impressive Display

The BMW exhibit featured an impressive array of their latest models. The 2023 BMW IX xDrive50 and the 2023 i4 M50 xDrive were particularly eye-catching, alongside the 2023 BMW 330E sedan, plugged in and ready for display. BMW’s commitment to electric mobility was evident in their range of vehicles and charging solutions, including partnerships with Electrify America and Qmerit.

The Dynamic Ford Booth

electrify expo austin industry day press tour ford

Directly across from the BMW booth, Ford showcased their innovative electric vehicles. The Ford Super Van 4.0, with over 2000 horsepower, was a highlight, demonstrating the pinnacle of electric performance. The booth also featured the F-150 Lightning Platinum Black Edition and the Mustang Mach-E Rally Edition, expanding Ford’s electric offerings into new territories. The Ford booth was not just about showcasing vehicles; it included interactive elements like the Ford Red Zone Challenge, inviting attendees to engage in fun activities.

Porsche: Celebrating 75 Years of Icons of Color

The elegant Porsche booth was a celebration of their 75-year legacy. The booth featured the Porsche Taycan GTS and the Porsche Panamera 4SE Hybrid, alongside a selection of e-bikes. The Porsche e-bike Cross and the Porsche Sport e-bike were on display, highlighting Porsche’s venture into electric mobility beyond cars.


Mitsubishi’s Best-Selling Plug-In Hybrid

Adjacent to the Porsche booth, Mitsubishi showcased their Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, known for being the world’s best-selling plug-in hybrid SUV. The booth offered test drive opportunities, allowing visitors to experience the Outlander’s capabilities firsthand.

VinFast: A Vision of Boundless Mobility

VinFast, the Vietnamese automaker, made a bold statement in Austin with its range of electric vehicles, signaling its ambitious plans to become a key player in the global EV market.

  • The VF 8 SUV: This model was a showcase of VinFast’s commitment to producing electric SUVs that combine style, comfort, and efficiency.
  • The VF 9 All-Electric SUV: The all-new VF 9, an all-electric SUV, demonstrated VinFast’s capabilities in producing larger, family-oriented electric vehicles.
  • The VF 3 Compact Mini SUV: The VF 3, a compact mini SUV designed to seat four people, featured a three-door design and rode on 16-inch wheels. Its distinctive exterior, with aftermarket wheels and yellow, white, and black plastic elements, illustrated VinFast’s attention to design and detail.
  • E-Bike Showcase: In addition to cars, VinFast showcased two e-bikes in a mock outdoor setting, complete with grass and trees. These e-bikes, sporting the VinFast logo, removable batteries, and fat tires, highlighted the company’s expansion into the broader electric mobility market.
  • VinFast’s Slogan and Vision: The VinFast booth, themed “VinFast Boundless Together,” encapsulated the company’s vision of a connected, sustainable, and electrified future. The booth not only displayed VinFast’s latest vehicle offerings but also conveyed their philosophy of innovation and community in the realm of electric mobility.

Volkswagen’s Commitment to Sustainability

Volkswagen’s presence at the Expo was marked by a clear commitment to sustainability and innovation in electric vehicles.

  • ID.Buzz: The Modern Electric Microbus: The ID.Buzz, painted in blue and silver and equipped with a Thule roof rack, was a highlight at the VW booth. This vehicle represented VW’s iconic microbus reimagined for the electric age, blending nostalgia with modern electric vehicle technology.
  • ID.4 Pro S Electric SUV: The ID.4 Pro S, connected to a Level 2 Home Charging Solution, showcased VW’s foray into the family-friendly electric SUV market. This model was a testament to VW’s goal of making electric mobility accessible to a broader audience.
  • Sustainable Roadmap: VW’s display emphasized their commitment to sustainability, notably their pledge to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. By 2028, VW aimed to lead electric mobility by selling 22 million EVs, introducing at least 70 all-electric models as part of a significant industry initiative.
  • Carbon Neutrality Goal: VW set a target of achieving net carbon neutrality in their U.S. vehicles and operations by 2050, underlining their dedication to environmental responsibility.
  • Charging Solutions: Inside the booth, VW showcased the Electrify Home Level 2 home charger, highlighting their efforts to enhance the EV ownership experience with convenient, efficient charging solutions.

Toyota: Embracing Diversity in Electric Mobility

Toyota’s exhibit was a testament to their versatile approach to electric mobility, featuring a comprehensive lineup of battery electric vehicles.

  • Toyota Sequoia SUV Capstone Edition IForce Max: This red SUV exemplified Toyota’s commitment to combining luxury with efficiency. The Capstone Edition represented the pinnacle of Toyota’s SUV lineup, equipped with advanced features and a hybrid powertrain that balanced power with environmental responsibility.
  • Toyota RAV4 XSE Plug-In Hybrid: The white RAV4 XSE stood as a symbol of Toyota’s innovation in plug-in hybrid technology. Its sleek design and efficient performance made it an attractive option for those seeking a balance between traditional and electric vehicles.
  • Toyota BZ4X: The red and black BZ4X was a highlight, showcasing Toyota’s advancements in fully electric vehicles. This model demonstrated Toyota’s ability to create electric vehicles that don’t compromise on performance or style.
  • Toyota Prius Prime: Known for its pioneering role in the hybrid vehicle market, the Prius Prime was showcased in both white and silver variants. The Prius Prime highlighted Toyota’s ongoing commitment to improving its hybrid technology, offering increased electric-only range and efficiency.
  • Educational Displays: Toyota’s booth featured informative signs and boards that educated the public about various charging options. These displays emphasized the different levels of charging – Level 1 (120 volts), Level 2 (230 volts), and Level 3 (DC fast charging) – providing insights into how each method fits into different lifestyles and contributes to a carbon-neutral future.
  • Toyota Cross Hybrid XSE: Attendees also had the opportunity to see a red Toyota Cross Hybrid XSE, a testament to Toyota’s expertise in creating hybrids that deliver both performance and efficiency.
  • The Rambler 660 E: Adding a historical twist, the booth displayed a 1964 AMC Rambler Classic 660, known as the Rambler 660 E. Owned by Patrick Roth, this vehicle featured a Lexus PS 450 HZ motor, transmission, and inverter, along with a Tesla battery, showcasing a unique blend of classic design and modern electric technology.


Lexus: Luxury Meets Electric Innovation

Lexus, Toyota’s luxury vehicle division, presented their range of electric vehicles, emphasizing luxury, performance, and sustainability.

  • 2022 Lexus NX 450h+ All-Wheel Drive: Starting at $56,725, this model exemplified Lexus’s approach to luxury electric vehicles. The NX 450h+ combined a driver-centric design with seamless technology, offering impressive horsepower and a commitment to the driver’s standards.
  • 2023 Lexus RZ 450e: This all-wheel-drive SUV, with a starting MSRP of $59,650, represented Lexus’s foray into the direct four electric SUV market, offering a blend of luxury and electric efficiency.
  • 2024 Lexus RX 450h+: Priced from $70,080, the RX 450h+ built on the redesign of Lexus’s iconic crossover vehicle. Adding a plug-in hybrid variant to its lineup, the RX 450h+ provided standard luxury features, intuitive technology, and thoughtful cabin designs.
  • 2024 Lexus TX 550h+: The first-ever Lexus TX 550h+, a seven-passenger SUV, showcased Lexus’s commitment to creating spacious, comfortable, and quiet interior spaces. Starting at an undisclosed price, this model promised a range of safety and technology features, along with powerful performance from a diverse mix of powertrains.

Tesla’s Impressive S3XY Lineup

Tesla wowed visitors at their booth by presenting their lineup of American-made cars, affectionately known as S3XY, which included the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y. For the younger attendees, Tesla provided kids’ power wheels, ensuring family-friendly entertainment. Attendees had the chance to participate in giveaways, including Tesla-branded socks and t-shirts, by registering for test drives or sharing their information on tablets provided by the product specialists.

Electrify Expo Austin Vendors: A Hub of Electric Mobility Innovations

electrify expo austin yotta energy

Electrify Expo Austin not only showcased major automotive brands but also featured a diverse array of vendors, each contributing uniquely to the burgeoning electric mobility landscape. These vendors, ranging from energy solutions to innovative tech startups, played a pivotal role in demonstrating the multifaceted nature of the EV ecosystem.

Austin Energy: Leading with Sustainable Solutions

electrify expo austin energy

Austin Energy, a key exhibitor and sponsor at Electrify Expo Austin, played a crucial role in demonstrating the integration of electric vehicles with sustainable energy solutions. Their presence was not just about showcasing products; it was a holistic representation of their commitment to promoting eco-friendly energy practices in the realm of electric mobility.

Fostering a Sustainable Electric Future

Austin Energy’s booth highlighted their initiatives and contributions towards creating a more sustainable future, particularly in the context of electric transportation. Their participation underscored the significance of marrying EV technology with renewable energy sources, emphasizing a cleaner and more sustainable future for mobility.


Educational Outreach and Engagement

A standout feature of Austin Energy’s participation was their focus on educational outreach. They hosted EV Info Sessions throughout the weekend, featuring Matt Teske, CEO of Chargeway and an expert in the EV space. These sessions covered a range of topics crucial for current and prospective EV owners, including efficient charging strategies and insights, rebates and incentives, and community-led discussions. Notably, Chargeway’s innovative 2.0 software update was discussed, highlighting how it simplifies EV charging and enhances the EV ownership experience.

  1. Charging Your Electric Car: Insights on where and how to efficiently charge new electric cars, catering to both new adopters and seasoned EV users.
  2. Rebates and Incentives: Information on available rebates and incentives for purchasing new electric cars or E-bikes, highlighting financial benefits and incentives to encourage more people to transition to electric vehicles.
  3. Community-Led Discussions: Engaging in myth-busting sessions and Q&A with experts, providing an open platform for community engagement and addressing common misconceptions about EVs.

Showcasing Electric Vehicles Powered by Renewable Energy

In addition to educational sessions, Austin Energy showcased electric vehicles powered by renewable sources. This included a display of a Kia Niro powered by Austin Energy Wind, representing their commitment to powering EVs through sustainable energy sources. Additionally, they featured the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro, an all-electric vehicle designed for fleet mobility services, demonstrating practical applications of EVs in urban environments.

Promoting Net-Zero Emissions

Austin Energy’s involvement at Electrify Expo Austin highlighted their broader goal of promoting net-zero emissions in transportation. By integrating EVs with renewable energy sources, they are at the forefront of creating a sustainable ecosystem for electric mobility.

Anker’s Renewable Energy Solutions

electrify expo austin anker

Anker, renowned for its portable power solutions, brought an array of products to the Expo. Key among these was the Anker SOLIX F2000 Powerhouse 767, boasting GaNPrime technology, a testament to their innovation in portable power. This powerhouse offered features like InfiniPower, fast charging systems, and portability, making it an ideal solution for a range of outdoor and emergency power needs. Anker also featured upcoming products like the SOLIX C1000 and SOLIX F3800, which were set to be available on Kickstarter, underlining their commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Brake Free Tech: Enhancing Rider Safety

electrify expo austin brake free

At Electrify Expo Austin, Brake Free Tech showcased their innovative safety solutions for electric motorcycles and e-bikes. Their focus was on enhancing visibility for riders, a crucial aspect considering the quieter nature of electric vehicles. A key product featured was their smart helmet-mounted brake light, designed to be highly visible and react to the rider’s actions like braking, providing real-time alerts to improve road safety. This wireless, hands-free technology aligns with the trend towards integrating smart, unobtrusive safety features into the riding experience. Brake Free Tech’s presence highlighted the importance of rider safety in the growing electric mobility sector, underlining their commitment to contributing to safer roads for all.

Chargely App: Enhancing the EV Charging Experience

electrify expo austin chargely

Chargely App showcased their solution to streamline the EV charging experience. The app provides EV owners with crucial information, such as real-time data on charging station locations, availability, and compatibility. It integrates with various charging networks, allowing users to easily find and access stations. Additionally, Chargely App offers real-time updates on charging progress and integrates multiple payment options, simplifying the charging process. By addressing common challenges associated with EV charging, the app plays a vital role in promoting wider EV adoption, making the overall experience more accessible and user-friendly.

Solar and Energy Storage Solutions

electrify expo austin yotta energy

Vendors like Freedom Solar, Good Faith Energy LLC, Greenway Battery, and Yotta Energy showcased advancements in solar energy and battery storage, key components in the EV ecosystem. Their solutions not only provided sustainable energy sources for EV charging but also underlined the potential for greater energy independence and resilience.

Leviton and Momentum Solar: Focusing on Accessibility

electrify expo austin leviton

Leviton and Momentum Solar played crucial roles in making solar energy and EV charging solutions more accessible to the general public. Their presence in Austin was a reminder of the importance of accessible, user-friendly solutions in driving the adoption of EVs and renewable energy.

Husqvarna Motorcycles North America: Electrifying Two-Wheeled Mobility

electrify expo austin bike demos husqvarna

Husqvarna Motorcycles North America showcased their foray into electric two-wheelers, highlighting the growing trend of electrification beyond cars to motorcycles and scooters.

Power Home Remodeling and TriSmart Solar, LLC: Integrating EVs into the Home

electrify expo austin trismart solar

Power Home Remodeling and TriSmart Solar, LLC, presented solutions that integrated EV charging into home remodeling and solar roof installations. Their offerings emphasized the seamless integration of EVs into everyday life, enhancing the convenience and appeal of owning an electric vehicle.


ZEPLUG and Zevo Corp: Pioneering EV Sharing and Charging

ZEPLUG and Zevo Corp (Zero Emission Vehicle) introduced innovative solutions in EV sharing and charging infrastructure. Zevo, as the world’s first Peer-to-Peer EV Sharing Platform, opened up new possibilities in vehicle sharing, while ZEPLUG focused on expanding and improving charging infrastructure, crucial for the widespread adoption of EVs.

Electrify Thrill Zone: An Electrifying Experience

electrify expo austin industry day ride and drives ford

For those seeking an adrenaline rush at Electrify Expo Austin, the Electrify Thrill Zone was the place to be. Ford took center stage here, offering attendees the opportunity to embark on an exhilarating thrill ride in the Ford Mustang Mach-E®, a powerhouse with over 1400 horsepower. Professional driver and TV host, Collete Davis, guided participants through a heart-pounding experience that showcased the capabilities of this electric marvel.

High-Speed Demo Course: A Bridge to Excitement

electrify expo austin bike demos

Accessing the High-Speed Demo Course was an adventure in itself. To reach this exciting area, attendees had to traverse a bridge that spanned the iconic Circuit of the Americas (COTA) racetrack. As they strolled across the bridge, they were treated to refreshing air and breathtaking 360-degree views of the racetrack below. Once on the other side, attendees faced a choice: they could either take a leisurely walk to the High-Speed Demo Course or opt for the convenient Ford shuttle service, powered by an electric F-150 Lightning, which whisked them to the EV demo area nestled within the COTA paddocks.

The High-Speed Demo Course was a haven for EV enthusiasts, featuring an array of e-bikes, scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles. Attendees were greeted by smiles as they explored the offerings from various vendors, including Volcon, Bosch, Riese & Muller, Tern, Strommer, DWMEIGI, Owlet, Heybike, REVI Bikes, VTUVIA, Tripper Electric Bikes, MOD Bikes, Husqvarna and GASGAS, Ristretto, Monday Motorcycles, Addmotor Tech, JackRabbit, Bianchi, and NIU. It was an opportunity to witness and experience the cutting-edge innovations in electric mobility.

E-Skateboard Demos: Riding the Future

Adjacent to the Tesla booth, the E-Skateboard demos showcased a diverse range of electric skateboards from various brands and models. Enthusiasts could explore offerings like Corsair Longboards, the high-performance Onewheel, the 2Swift electric skateboard, and TLT boards, known for being the ultimate all-terrain electric boards. It was a chance for attendees to test their balance and experience the thrill of electric skateboarding.

Kids Zone: Family Fun and Electric Adventures

The Electrify Expo Austin Kids Zone was a delightful area designed for young adventurers. Children had the opportunity to engage with kid-friendly electric vehicles, such as the Droyd Wheeler Mini E-Bike, tailored for children 6 years and older. This mini e-bike featured a slow throttle setting for safety and a parent-controlled speed limit. Droyd also showcased the Blipper Mini E-Bike, aimed at kids 13 and older, equipped with an efficient brushless motor and a UL certified lithium-ion battery.

STACYC and SUPER73 offered electric fun for kids up to 12 years old. The STACYC 20 EDrive bike was available for purchase at $1999, providing kids with a fun and exciting ride. The demo course, set up on grass, was oval-shaped, allowing children to safely enjoy the experience. SUPER73, located nearby, provided demo opportunities for kids and offered keychains and stickers as giveaways, ensuring that the youngest attendees had a fantastic time at Electrify Expo.

Tesla Cybertruck Steals the Show at Electrify Expo Austin

Electrify Expo Austin Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck took center stage at Electrify Expo Austin, stealing the spotlight with its futuristic design. As the Cybertruck leisurely made its way through the event, it symbolized a shift towards sustainable transportation, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. Its presence marked a new era for EVs in Texas, inspiring people to reconsider their environmental impact and embrace innovation.

Adding to the excitement, the Cybertruck made a surprise appearance during a 20-minute live stream on Instagram, as it cruised around the Circuit of the Americas. Electrify Expo’s X account also shared some moments from the event. This unexpected visit followed a teaser by Electrify Expo, and the 20-minute lap of the Cybertruck further heightened the anticipation. Notably, videos captured the powered tonneau cover rolling up as the Cybertruck drove away, hinting at alternative controls.

It’s important to note that all of this unfolded in Austin, home to Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas, where the Cybertruck is manufactured. The event also served as a teaser for Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck delivery event, leaving many eager to learn who made the guest list. Exciting times are indeed on the horizon!

Electrify Showoff: Where Custom EVs Shine

Image showcasing Kevin Erickson's 1972 Plymouth Satellite at Electrify Showoff in Austin

As you step into the Electrify Showoff area at Electrify Expo Austin, you’re greeted by an impressive display of custom EVs that are a testament to innovation and creativity in the world of electric mobility. At the entrance, you’ll find the eye-catching Tjin Edition Ford Mach-E Safari concept, a striking EV with a unique winch tied to the #COTA hashtag logo, making a bold statement about the electrifying future of transportation.

Electrify Showoff featured an impressive list of exhibitors and custom EVs, demonstrating the boundless possibilities of electric mobility. The list of exhibitors include:

Awards were also presented in various categories, recognizing excellence in customization, performance, and innovation.


The Tjin Edition Mach-E Safari Sets the Standard

The Tjin Edition Mach-E Safari is a showcase of top-tier customizations and performance upgrades. Equipped with a custom RPG Offroad suspension, featuring a 1.5″ lift with Eibach springs contributing to a 1.2″ lift, and FOX rear shocks, the vehicle offers improved handling and road grip. Its 18″ Black Rhino Barrage wheels, powder-coated in red and fitted with Falken WildPeak all-terrain (265/60/R18) tires, ensure exceptional control on any terrain. The Mach-E Safari also features custom hand-fabricated metal fender flares, which are 7.5″ wider at the front and 7″ wider at the rear, along with a front bumper bar by 66_CustomsNJ. To top it off, the KPMF Stealth Thunder vinyl wrap by Daley Visual adds a touch of ruggedness and sophistication.

As you continue your exploration of the Electrify Showoff area, you’ll encounter more impressive customizations and innovations from renowned companies. Each of these vehicles shares a unique narrative of passion, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of a more electrifying future in transportation.

A Showcase of Over 80 Custom EVs

electrify showoff austin ruined ev tesla model 3 model y

Electrify Showoff is a circular area surrounding a picturesque pond, featuring over 80 custom EVs that include conversions and offerings from OEMs. It’s a paradise for EV enthusiasts and a testament to the diverse range of customization possibilities in the world of electric vehicles.

Mobly Auto: Hassle-Free EV Care

  • image showcasing electrify showoff austin mobly auto
  • electrify expo austin mobly

Among the exhibitors at Electrify Showoff is Mobly Auto, a company specializing in providing doorstep EV care. They offer a hassle-free solution for EV owners, covering everything from tires to wipers, ensuring that your EV remains in top-notch condition without the need for inconvenient trips to the garage. Mobly Auto showcased a green Tesla Model S fitted with Michelin tires, which had seen action on the GRIDLIFE track. Attendees also had the chance to enter a giveaway for an Omega watch in collaboration with Moon Swatch by scanning a QR code. Additionally, they provided on-site detailing services for a Tesla Model S, adding to the convenience of car care.

Oddball Kustom Garage: Transforming Classics into Electric Marvels

Adjacent to Mobly Auto, Oddball Kustom Garage proudly presented their project, “The Shocker.” It’s a 1963 Chevrolet Impala lowrider that was discovered in a field and is undergoing a remarkable transformation into an EV. While preserving the classic Lowrider style, Oddball Kustom Garage is embracing the future of automotive technology by equipping this beauty with an electric motor. Visitors to their display could witness the chassis under construction, now equipped with an electric motor, showcasing the fusion of classic aesthetics and cutting-edge electric power.

Hankook Tire: Elevating EV Performance

The Hankook Tire booth featured a range of high-performance tires designed for electric vehicles. They included the iON EV exclusive tire, the iON evo AS all-season tire, and the iON i*cept winter tire, all tailored for SUV applications. These tires come with a guaranteed limited treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles, emphasizing durability and performance. The booth also featured a Tesla Model 3 equipped with the Hankook iON EV AS all-season EV exclusive tire. Visitors were encouraged to participate in the Hankook iON EV Racing Challenge, with the chance to win gift cards ranging from $100 to $300.

Volcon: Discover the Grunt EVO and Brunt LT

Volcon showcased their electric off-road wonders at Electrify Showoff. The Grunt EVO and Brunt LT were on display, highlighting the versatility and ruggedness of electric adventure vehicles. Attendees also had the opportunity to enter a giveaway for a Volcon electric bike by scanning a QR code, adding an element of excitement to their visit.

Austin Electric Vehicle Association: Promoting EVs in Central Texas

electrify expo austin electric vehicle association

The Austin-area chapter of the Electric Vehicle Association made a significant presence at Electrify Showoff. Their focus was on electric vehicles and their role in advancing the transition to electric transportation in central Texas. They proudly displayed a Fiat 500 E, a Model Y featuring eye-catching graphics, and an electrically converted Volkswagen Bug, showcasing the diversity of electric mobility.

Yokohama Tire: Premium Tires for EVs

electrify expo austin yokohama tire

At the Yokohama booth, attendees had the chance to witness CJ Cardinalli’s 2018 Tesla Model 3 and AJ Velasco’s 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance, both resting on Yokohama NEOVA AD09 tires designed for high-performance both on the street and the track. These tires were equipped with impressive casing compounds and tread patterns, offering an exceptional driving experience. Yokohama Tire also featured the Rivian R1T equipped with Yokohama Geolandar X-AT tires and a Tesla Model 3 with Advan Sport EV A/S all-season tires. These tires were specially designed to meet the unique requirements of electric vehicles, carrying the new E+ badge signifying their compatibility with EVs.

Shai Dahan Midsummer Volvo C40 Recharge: Art Meets EV

The Shai Dahan Midsummer Volvo C40 Recharge was a unique highlight of the event. This collaboration between Volvo Car USA and American Swedish contemporary artist Shai Dahan celebrated the Swedish tradition of Midsummer. Shai Dahan’s hand-painted representation adorned the sleek profile of the fully electric Volvo C40 Recharge, featuring vibrant intertwined flowers symbolizing Swedish and New York City spirits. Shai Dahan’s dynamic and colorful public artworks addressing cultural diversity and social issues added a touch of artistry to the world of electric mobility.

Current Los Angeles: A Glimpse into Electrifying Conversions

Adjacent to the Electrify Showoff Driven by Yokohama Stage, Current Los Angeles showcased their 1932 EV Deuce, an electric conversion that demonstrates their expertise in custom hybrid solutions, electric powertrains, and full vehicle integration. This vehicle, equipped with a Cascadia Motion SS-250-115DOM motor, showcased cutting-edge enhancements and customizations, making it a crowd favorite.

STEK USA: Protecting and Personalizing EVs

STEK USA featured a Tesla Model 3 at their booth, showcasing their Paint Protection Film (PPF) and color wraps available in various colors. Attendees had the opportunity to see water beading on the actual wrap, demonstrating its effectiveness in protecting the vehicle’s paint. Additionally, STEK USA introduced a new device called the STEK Gravelometer, adding a layer of innovation to vehicle protection.


Conductive Classics: Bringing Classic Cars into the Electric Era

Conductive Classics offered a comprehensive chassis EV conversion service, encompassing custom hybrid solutions, electric powertrains, full integration, custom fabrication, and product development. They proudly showcased their 1964 Ford Galaxie, featuring a complete Tesla Model 3 powertrain swap, a testament to their expertise in converting classic cars into electric marvels. The 1972 Plymouth Satellite “Project Electrollite” was also on display, capturing the imagination of the crowd.

The Detail Kid: Car Care Expertise

Steve Thompson, known as “The Detail Kid,” was on-site, providing live detailing demonstrations using Adam Polishes car care products, ensuring that attendees could learn the best techniques for keeping their EVs looking their best.

CC LED: LED Strips for Bikes

CC LED showcased their multicolored LED strip offerings for bikes, designed to create a visually appealing display on the inner side of the bike’s wheel. With various colors to choose from, attendees could add a touch of style to their electric bikes. CC LED also offered attendees the chance to win LED strip sets through a scan-to-win opportunity.

Moment Motor Company: Classic Car Enthusiast’s Delight

Moment Motor Company displayed a range of classic cars, including a 1956 Porsche Speedster replica by Vintage Motor Cars, a 1966 Mercedes 230 SL, a 1985 BMW 635 CSI, and a 1961 Austin Healey 3000. These classics demonstrated the timeless appeal of vintage vehicles.

Glydsphere: Personalizing Electric Sounds

image showcasing electrify showoff austin glydsphere tesla model 3

Glydsphere showcased their Glydsphere box, an audio subwoofer enclosure designed to fit in the frunk of a Tesla. This innovative device allowed EV owners to produce various engine sounds, adding a personalized touch to their EVs. Attendees could experience the sounds of a V8 engine emanating from the box, adding an element of fun to the otherwise quiet EVs.

Current EV Motors: Direct-Drive EV Conversion Kits

Current EV Motors featured their direct-drive EV conversion kits for fleet and vintage vehicles. They displayed a 1978 Ford F-150 (Gator) classic pickup truck, showcasing the versatility and capability of their conversion kits. Recognized as one of the most iconic trucks in history, this classic pickup was the perfect canvas for Current EV Motors’ pioneering kit. Their patented conversion kit seamlessly marries modern technology with the timeless vintage character of the ’78 F-150, offering a stunning blend of heritage and sustainability.

The Atom Drive System: Ampere EV’s Cutting-Edge Electric Drivetrain

Ampere EV had displayed their EV drive system, which is available and ready to ship. The Atom Drive System is a fully integrated electric drivetrain that could be configured with various battery pack options, different motor specifications, and motor packaging options, including inline or transaxle arrangements. The Atom Drive System also includes a full suite of vehicle features such as a touchscreen display, DC fast charging capability, cabin heating, cabin AC compressor, and battery heating. The booth also featured the Current Exchange 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera, which is equipped with a 42 kWh Atom Drive System, Tesla SDU (220 kW or 295 hp with 330 Nm or 243 lb-ft of torque), CCS Fast Charging, an 8″ touchscreen interface, air conditioning, and power steering.

Innovate Marquette’s Overland Toyota Hybrid Tundra

Innovate Marquette had traveled all the way from Marquette, Michigan, to Austin, TX, to debut their brand new, fully decked-out overland Toyota Hybrid Tundra. They were aiming to make significant strides in the EV space, and where better to showcase their build and products than at Electrify Showoff? Had you ever seen an overland Tundra that could sleep 6 people? Well, the Innovate Marquette Tundra had not one but two tents, a fully functioning kitchen, a hot water shower, and was equipped with all the bells and whistles from top to bottom. It was a perfect example of where the overland EV space was headed, and this remarkable Tundra was leading the way. We were eagerly looking forward to seeing what these guys had planned for 2024 and catching them at more Showoff events across the country!

Flash Drive Motors: Reviving Classic Cars with Electric Power

Flash Drive Motors, a local EV conversion shop based in Austin, specializes in reviving classic cars and rejuvenating various vehicles with electric power. They showcased a unique Volkswagen Short Bus, originally a full-size Volkswagen Bus that underwent electrification after being chopped in half by a customer. Additionally, they featured their very first electric conversion project, a Subaru Brat, along with conversion kits for sale and various electric components.

Rohana Wheels: Style and Versatility

Rohana Wheels displayed their complete range of aftermarket wheels, showcasing a variety of vehicles equipped with their stylish wheels. The exhibit highlighted the versatility and aesthetic appeal of their products.

Operation Breakthrough’s Impressive EV Conversion Showcase in Austin

Operation Breakthrough made a significant impact in Austin when they arrived with a stunning 1969 Chevy Chevelle, which had been built by their students. Teachers, staff, and some students traveled all the way from Kansas City to exhibit their impressive EV conversion skills. Everyone was highly impressed not only by the quality of the EV conversion but also by their meticulous attention to detail.

What made the experience even more special was witnessing the students engage with the audience and fellow builders. It was clear that they represent the future of the EV industry. There’s a rumor going around that Operation Breakthrough has plans to unveil two new EV conversions next year. Both of these exciting projects are expected to make their debut at Showoff events in 2024, so be sure to stay tuned for updates!

Toyo Tires: Performance and Custom EV Conversions

Toyo Tires presented a diverse array of custom EV conversions, including four EV conversions by Bisimoto: a Porsche 366 Speedster and Porsche 935 “Moby X”, a 450hp 1965 Volkswagen Type 2 Van, and a Caterham Seven, and Scalar Performance’s SCR1, a 328 hp Toyota GR86 EV race car, was also in the booth. These vehicles demonstrated the performance capabilities of EVs and drew significant attention from the Electrify Expo crowd.

JackRabbit: Ultra-Lightweight Micro E-Bikes

JackRabbit showcased their ultra-lightweight and compact micro e-bikes, known for their zippy and maneuverable features. These bikes, small enough to fit anywhere, are designed for travel enthusiasts. The Tjin Edition custom JackRabbit bikes, alongside the OG and XG e-bikes, were on display for attendees to explore.

AlphaRex USA: Illuminating Your EV

AlphaRex USA featured Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles at their booth, showcasing their headlights equipped with AlphaRex projector cubes and updated Tesla Model S tail lights. These additions not only enhance the aesthetics but also offer improved functionality, including sequential turn signals.

ChargeMods: Enhancing Your EV

electrify expo austin chargemods

ChargeMods displayed a range of aftermarket products available for EVs, including HRE wheels, carbon fiber exterior pieces, suspension upgrades, steering wheels, and LED lights. They engaged attendees with a team of spokesmodels and offered photo opportunities to enhance the experience.

Electrify Showoff Award Winners

electrify showoff austin awards best crew ruined

Award Category WinnerVehicle
Best Frunk presented by Operation BreakthroughCJ Cardinalli 2018 Tesla Model 3
Best AudioDavid Perez2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance
Best Performance presented by Hankook TiresUniversity of Texas – Longhorn Racing TeamOpen Wheel Race Car
Best Paint presented by Detail KidAJ Velasco2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance
Best Wrap / Graphics presented by STEKChris Mangold2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance
Best Stance Presented by Toyo TiresChris Trujillo2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance
Best Interior presented by ChargeModsCJ Cardinalli2018 Tesla Model 3
Best Wheel/Tire package presented by Rohana WheelsMeric Cuevas2018 Tesla Model 3
Best E-Bike presented by Super 73Mike EscamillaSuper73 RX
Best MotorcycleRobert Farmer2022 eGrom
Best Scooter / Micro Bike presented by JackRabbitMr Pink aka Marcus
Best SUVSturgis Griffin2021 Tesla Model Y Performance
Best TruckJoe ThielToyota Tundra Hybrid
Best Vendor VehicleMarc Davis (Moment Motors)1966 Mercedes 230 SL
Best EV Conversion presented by FlashDrive MotorsMike Sallee (Conductive Classics)1964 Ford Galaxie
Best CoupeKevin Erickson1972 Plymouth Satellite (Electrollite)
Best KicksJason Halvorson
Best SedanRex Villa2020 Tesla Model 3
Best of Show presented by YokohamaBrian & Rudy1957 Chevy Bel Air

“What a fantastic way to close out the year! Showoff Austin truly lived up to all the anticipation. Despite the overcast skies and occasional drizzle, both exhibitors and spectators made their way to COTA for an incredible event. Featuring a showcase of over 80 custom EVs, including cars, trucks, and bikes, along with 25 of the finest EV exhibitors, Showoff became the ultimate destination this past weekend,” said Neil Tjin, Director of Electrify Showoff.

“Exhibitors and show participants came from all corners of the country, some traveling from as far as New York, Idaho, Florida, and, of course, California! This year has undoubtedly set new records with seven extraordinary shows, spanning from Long Beach to Austin and everywhere in between. The EV aftermarket is thriving, and the future is undeniably electric! A massive shout-out to all the exhibitors and competitors who joined us at Showoff events throughout the year. Your belief in our vision and dedication to delivering the best possible event has been pivotal in making Showoff a resounding success. I’m eagerly looking forward to bringing it all back in 2024!”

A Bright Future for Electric Mobility

Electrify Showoff Austin was a culmination of electric innovation, creativity, and passion. It showcased the potential of electric vehicles to not only revolutionize transportation but also provide a canvas for artistic expression, performance enhancements, and sustainable mobility solutions. As the EV aftermarket continues to flourish, the future of electric mobility looks brighter than ever. The event served as a testament to the growing community of electric vehicle enthusiasts and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

electrify expo austin bike demos

Electrify Expo in Austin was not just an exhibition; it was a lively celebration of the electric era, bringing together enthusiasts, experts, and newcomers who all share a common interest in the future of transportation. With its record-breaking attendance and a range of interactive experiences, the event not only showcased the latest in electric mobility but also underscored the growing interest and excitement in this field.

Looking ahead, the electric vehicle market is buzzing with innovation and appeal. Electrify Expo has set a high standard for future events, and as it gears up for its 2024 journey starting in Orlando, Florida, it promises to continue advancing the electric dream, one city at a time. Visit https://electrifyexpo.com for more information.

2024 Electrify Expo Schedule

March 16-17Orlando, FL
May 4-5Phoenix, AZ
May 31-June 2Long Beach, CA
July 13-14Denver, CO
August 24-25San Francisco, CA
September 14-15Seattle, WA
October 12-13Long Island, NY
November 8-10Austin, TX


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