JackRabbit: The Funky E-Bike Brand
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JackRabbit: The Funky E-Bike Brand

JackRabbit on a boat The Funky E-Bike Brand
  • JackRabbit is a microbike brand that puts the focus on making commuting easy and fun.
  • The JackRabbit is a lightweight and compact e-bike and mode of transportation.
  • Just 48 inches long and 24 lbs, the JackRabbit e-bike is small but mighty for short rides.

JackRabbit is a trailblazing brand in the electric mobility space, and they want to transform the way we move with their commitment to affordability, compactness, and a ton of fun. Founded by inventor Tom Piszkin, the JackRabbit e-bike has quickly captured the hearts of electric mobility enthusiasts and budget-conscious individuals alike.

It all started with Piszkin trying to give his fellow UCSD triathletes a quick, safe, and budget-friendly way to navigate campus. He managed to blend his engineering background with his passion for motion to create the first JackRabbit prototype in 2016. After adding a motor and battery, Piszkin had the start of something pretty cool. Two more years of R&D and testing later, JackRabbit took to Kickstarter in order to market and eventually deliver the first 80 JackRabbits.

Incorporating customer feedback helped guide the brand through two successful Kickstarter campaigns now, and the JackRabbit’s distinctive mini-bike design has quickly become a crowd favorite.

JackRabbit finally launched its mass-market model in 2022, growing its passionate fanbase. Now, the brand can more easily share its mission of electric-powered, accessible transportation that combines affordability with a whimsical sense of adventure.

Jackrabbit e-bike Yellow

Your JackRabbit Microbike Buyer’s Guide

First off, the JackRabbit e-bike is not your ordinary bicycle. In fact, it doesn’t even have any pedals. This keeps the design compact and easier for tall riders to still enjoy, but more importantly, it means this bike is technically classified as an electric scooter. Sure, some of the more hardcore e-bike Stans might initially dismiss this funky little “bike” because of its lack of pedals, but the JackRabbit’s compact and innovative features still make it a standout option worth considering.

Designed with Convenience in Mind

Back to inventor Tom Piszkin for a moment. Yes, he was very much inspired by what he saw on campus at UCSD: that college students often struggled to reach their destinations on time. This sparked the idea for a compact, portable vehicle that could help them zoom across campus.

Measuring just 48 inches in length and weighing a mere 24 lbs, the JackRabbit is definitely built for convenience and portability, something that college students definitely need as they zip between classes and have to store their bikes in small bike lockers or even in their dorm rooms.

One of their coolest features is the “smart folding” mechanism, which allows you to fold down the e-bike to a mere 7 inches wide. Unlike those awkward and heavy cubes, JackRabbit is easy to stack and store. It’s all about extreme portability!

If you want to dive deeper into their amazing portability, check out the link here. Trust me, this feature alone has convinced countless people to choose JackRabbit. It’s one of their top selling points and for a good reason!

Jackrabbit e-bike is easy to lift and load

Impressive Performance for a Tiny Thing

Despite its small size, the JackRabbit doesn’t compromise on power. Equipped with a 300 W motor and a 151 Wh battery, it delivers a surprising kick while riding. With a thumb-operated throttle, riders can easily find their ideal cruising speed up to a max of 20 mph. 

Do keep in mind that smaller-capacity battery. Yes, that means it’s a lightweight battery pack, but it also means that the JackRabbit has a range of about only 10 miles. Basically, the JackRabbit is designed for sprints, not marathons.

JackRabbit bikes are designed to have a range of 10+ miles intentionally. They wanted to make sure that all riders can comfortably achieve that distance, but in reality, most riders will go even further than 10 miles. They based this decision on research that shows 64% of the trips people make on a daily basis are 5 miles or less. On the other hand, only 7% of trips are over 25 miles. So, JackRabbit bikes are ideal for shorter rides since, realistically, most of your daily rides are short ones. They don’t believe in making exaggerated claims about range that you’ll never actually need, so the JackRabbit strikes the perfect balance of speed, range, and power for your everyday life. It’s designed to be compact, stable, and has a premium look. If you’re interested, you can find more information about their perspective here.

Double Your Range with Swappable Batteries!

If you’re looking for more range, JackRabbit’s got you covered! They made their battery swappable and super affordable. For just $199.99, you can get an extra battery that instantly doubles your range. It’s a lightweight battery, weighing only 2 lbs, and you can easily fit it in a bag, backpack, or under the seat of your JackRabbit. Plus, you have the flexibility to charge it inside or outside of the bike, making it super convenient. So, if you ever need that extra boost in range, their swappable battery has got you covered!

Take JackRabbit on Your Next Flight

You know what’s really cool about JackRabbit? You can actually bring it with you on a plane! One of the things that sets JackRabbit apart is its small and removable battery, which fits perfectly within the size limits set by the FAA for lithium batteries. So, all you have to do is pop out the battery and take it with you as a carry-on item. As for the bike itself, simply pack it securely in our Air-Sea-Land Travel Bag and check it in. There’s a video that shows you exactly how to do it – check it out here and here!

An Urban Commuter’s Delight

That tiny battery does factor into one of the absolute best features of the JackRabbit: its weight. At just 24 lbs, it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. Whether you’re commuting to work, going between classes, or running errands, this microbike allows you to quickly navigate through traffic and reach your destination without even breaking a sweat (especially since you don’t have to pedal).

While it may resemble a scooter, the JackRabbit e-bike offers more versatility and can handle various terrains beyond paved sidewalks. Its compact size allows for easy maneuverability, and though it doesn’t fold down as small as your more traditional scooters, it can still be wheeled over or up obstacles instead of being carried.

Say goodbye to parking hassles. Instead, just charge up the bike while you’re at work or in class, and you’ll be ready to head out again on your next little adventure.

Certified for Your Peace of Mind

JackRabbit takes safety seriously, which is why they have the following certifications:

  • Bicycle Safety: JackRabbit meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission test standards for bicycles (CPSC 16 CFR Part 1512).
  • Battery Excellence: Our battery is UL 2271 certified, meeting the standard for batteries used in Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) applications.
  • Electrical Assurance: JackRabbit also complies with UL 2272, the standard for Electrical Systems and Personal E-Mobility Devices.

You can ride confidently knowing that they’ve gone above and beyond to ensure your safety.

JackRabbit on the street - The Funky E-Bike Brand

Why You Should Consider the Tiny JackRabbit

You’re probably going to raise some eyebrows riding the JackRabbit around, thanks to its unconventional design. But you’ll be too busy smiling as you zip around on your ride that looks like a scooter and a bike had a zippy little baby. 

Even with its shorter range, its lightweight build and impressive maneuverability make it a fun choice for urban (and campus) commuting.

  • Jackrabbit e-bike Yellow

JackRabbit E-bike Features

Weight24 lbs
Range10+ miles
Max Speed20 mph
Pedals0 (sweat-free)
Motor300 Watt rear hub brushless electric motor
BatteryLi-Ion 36V 4.2Ah 151.2Wh
Battery SafetyPassed CPSC 16 CFR Part 1512, UL 2271 & UL 2272
PowerSingle on/off button operated on throttle
ThrottleThumb-activated variable speed control
Battery Level3 LED power level on throttle
Battery AccessRemovable, secured via barrel-key lock under frame
Charger71W 10-240V, US plug, 1.7 A 41V output
Charge Time~3 hours
ChargingCharge through frame or remove battery to charge
Dimensions (Ride Mode)48″ L x 21″ W x 39″ H
Dimensions (Folded)45″ L x 7″ W x 30″ H
Water ResistanceIPX4 resistant to rain and water splashes
FrameMonocoque 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
Seatpost7″ adjustable range, replaceable
Rear Tire20″ x 2.5″ all-terrain tire
Front Tire20″ x 1.95″ all-terrain tire
Tire TubeStandard 20″ x 1.5-2.5″ inner tube
Min Turn Radius33″ (84 cm) – capable of 180-degree turns
Max Incline12% grade – or steeper with kick-stride assist
BrakeMechanical rear disc caliper with 180 mm rotor
Heights Supported4’10” to 6’2″
Weight SupportedUp to 240 pounds (109 kg)

For more information, visit https://jackrabbit.bike.


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