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Sources told the Wall Street Journal that tariffs on China’s low-priced electric vehicles are set to reach 100% on May 14.
Sen. John Barrasso introduced “The Eliminating Lavish Incentives to Electric (ELITE) Vehicles Act” to remove the EV tax credit and other EV incentives.
The Biden Administration finalizes the EPA rules for electric cars to lower greenhouse gas emissions.
A new bill would tighten the federal EV tax credit rules about Foreign Entities of Concern, preventing Chinese electric cars from qualifying.
Big Oil, complex permits, and local control are working to slow EV progress and clean energy in the United States.
The Biden-Harris Administration shared its strategic plan to decarbonize the freight industry in a four-phase plan that closes in 2040.
The anti-EV narrative often includes dialogue against climate change and lobbying against adding EV infrastructure to support Big Oil.
When major media outlets use misleading headlines, they attract readers but hide the facts about the Biden policy proposal about emissions and the electric vehicle forecast for 2030.
Since the Prius arrived in 2007, EV politics have been pretty fraught. It could take the EV pickup to end the divide.
U.S. concerns rise as Chinese automakers like BYD Mexico eye Mexico for EV production, potentially disrupting American EV market dynamics.
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