Super Light and Compact JackRabbit XG E-bike
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Super Light and Compact JackRabbit XG E-bike

man on a yellow Jackrabbit XG and a woman on a red Jackrabbit XG smiling on a forest path
  • Fits in any car, camper, boat or RV
  • 20 mile range with swappable, FAA-compliant batteries
  • 500W motor and a top speed of 20 mph
  • Well priced at $1749.99

The Jackrabbit XG takes the original Jackrabbit OG model and doubles its range, improves its design and gives it more power. I rode the original, and it’s fun, super convenient (no bike rack needed), and extremely maneuverable. 

I grew up riding BMX bikes, so the form factor is very familiar, other than it has a very short wheelbase and there’s no pedal-driven drivetrain, only footpegs for your feet, and a rear hub motor that you control with a throttle. It’s simple and clean. It did take a minute to get used to it, the short wheelbase and steep head tube angle make it hover somewhere on the border between ultra-responsive and downright twitchy. They claim it can turn around in a narrow hallway, and I believe that.

There are no pedals on the Jackrabbit XG, just grippy footpegs.

Jackrabbit redesigned it to make the wheelbase slightly longer than the original, and the center of gravity is slightly lower, to offer a slightly more stable ride than the original. The new design also eliminates the need for a key to remove the battery. Also, the XG features front and rear brakes (the OG has rear brake only). 

It features two batteries to give you a claimed range of 20 miles, powering the ample 500W motor. Because they broke it down to two smaller batteries, they conform to FAA regulations so you can carry them on a plane. This is something that most e-bikes simply can’t do because of the 160Wh limit.  Such a smart idea!

The two batteries protrude ever-so-slightly out of the top of the top of the frame.

The stem allows the handlebar to be turned sideways for storage, making the bike relatively narrow for easy storage in your back seat, trunk, RV, boat, etc. At 32 lbs with the batteries installed, it’s one of the lighter e-bikes on the market, as well.  You can even buy extra batteries for more riding time.

It isn’t a comfortable bike for long touring rides, but if you need a compact, fun bike to putter around your campsite, get you that last mile home from the train or bus, or just go run some quick errands around town, this is a great choice for that.

If you were looking for a scooter, this is worth a look. It’s more comfortable and more stable than a scooter, especially with the 20” wheels.

Jackrabbit XG Specs

Motor500W rear hub drive
BatteryDual 151.2Wh
Charge Time3 hours
Top Speed20 mph
Range20 miles(claimed)
BrakesMechanical disc brakes
Weight32 lbs
Color ChoiceRed, white, yellow, black
SizesOne size


The OG version is still available for a buck under a grand, but I think the redesign, more power, more range, and other improvements make the Jackrabbit XG the one to go for unless your budget won’t allow for it. It’s compact, fun, and an easy bike to have around to use for almost anything. It’s one of those things that will have you looking for excuses to go ride it.



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