Episode 284 with Michael Cannavo - The Super73 Electric Motobike
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Episode 284 with Michael Cannavo – The Super73 Electric Motobike

Image of Electrify Podcast with Jarod DeAnda with guest Michael Cannavo of Super73 electric motorbike

In a recent interview with Michael Cannavo, the Co-Founder and CMO of Super73, he shared some exciting insights into the company’s vision, growth, and upcoming projects. Cannavo highlighted with Jarod DeAnda the unique position of Super73 in the electric bike industry, drawing parallels to the iconic Jeep brand. He emphasized the brand’s ability to cater to various niches, from military-style bikes to personalized designs for celebrities like Paris Hilton.

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Empowering Creative Vision: CEO Legrand Crewse’s Support Spurs Super73’s Success

Cannavo also praised the company’s CEO, Legrand Crewse, for his foresight and support in building the brand. He mentioned Crewse’s trust in the team’s creative vision, which allowed them to shape Super73’s identity and resonate with the millennial audience effectively. Cannavo explained that Crewse’s hands-off approach allowed them to experiment and find value in the collaboration between the marketing and engineering teams.


Discussing the growth and expansion of Super73, Cannavo acknowledged the challenges of securing funding and growing the business responsibly. He mentioned the need to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving industry, drawing a comparison to the snowboarding market’s transformation from a few companies to thousands. Despite the growing competition, Super73 aims to differentiate itself by offering unique and evolving products that capture the spirit of fun and adventure.

The Super73 C1X: Redefining Versatility and Rider Experience in the Electric Bike Market

The conversation shifted focus to the highly anticipated Super73 C1X, a motorcycle-inspired electric bike. Cannavo expressed excitement about this new addition to their lineup, highlighting the collaborative efforts between marketing and engineering teams. He described how the C1X’s design allows for customization and versatility, making it suitable for various riding styles and preferences. Cannavo emphasized that Super73 is not just about branding; the product itself is constantly evolving to meet the demands and expectations of their riders.


Unleashing the Joy of Riding: Super73 K1D, the Ultimate Electric Bike for Young Adventurers

Cannavo also introduced the Super73 K1D, a balanced electric bike designed specifically for children aged four to eight. He mentioned the extensive testing and development process behind this model, incorporating technology derived from the C1X. Cannavo expressed pride in creating a durable and enjoyable experience for young riders, showcasing the K1D’s ability to accommodate even adult riders without compromising its performance.

Innovating the Future: Super73’s Strategic Partnerships and Engaging Auction Platform Revolutionize the Electric Bike Experience

In terms of future plans, Cannavo hinted at potential strategic partnerships to enhance Super73’s manufacturing capabilities and quality. While not revealing specific details, he conveyed the company’s commitment to bringing advanced technology and improved versions of their bikes to the market. Cannavo mentioned an upcoming auction platform on their website, where unique bikes, collaborations with non-profits, and artist-designed models will be available for bidding. This approach aims to engage the community and provide new reasons to visit the Super73 website regularly.


The interview concluded with Cannavo sharing his personal experiences as an extra in the Star Wars franchise. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be part of such an iconic series and mentioned his passion for the Star Wars universe. Cannavo also discussed how this experience influenced his dedication to Super73 and its goal of creating a lived-in and adventurous aesthetic that resonates with fans.

Super73 continues to make waves in the electric bike industry with its unique designs and commitment to customer satisfaction. With the upcoming release of the C1X and further developments driven by the company’s engineering and marketing collaboration, Super73 aims to transform the motorcycle side of the market. Their dedication to innovation and staying true to their passionate community is evident in every aspect of their brand.


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