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Don’t miss the Electrify Expo West Coast tour’s finale in Seattle: Volvo, Kia, Polestar, Tesla, Ford, Gocycle, Async, P-51, and more!
Use your EV’s navigation system and charging apps to find electric vehicle charging stations.
Polestar’s EV revolution breaks design boundaries, prioritizing user experience while launching futuristic models to audiences in Abu Dhabi.
Electrify Expo electrified Washington DC with North America’s largest EV festival, showcasing cutting-edge vehicles and honoring outstanding custom EVs.
Electrify Expo Bay Area debut: 20,000 test rides, exclusive vehicle previews, and remarkable EV customization at Showoff!
Get your adrenaline pumping at Electrify Expo San Francisco! Test drive and demo top electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, e-bikes, e-scooters, and more!
Let’s bust the myth that electric vehicles are slow and are no more than big quiet golf carts.
Swedish performance EV brand Polestar uses cameras, radar, and LiDAR technology in its ADAS systems. Soon, it’s going to us more!
Swedish performance EV brand Polestar is giving its 2 sports sedan a major update for 2024, with more range and rear wheel drive.
Polestar is ramping up its recycling efforts with a new partnership that it believes will make EV manufacturing cleaner and greener.




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