Electrify America to Add NACS Connector by 2025
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Electrify America to Add NACS Connector by 2025

Electrify America to Add NACS Connector by 2025
  • Electrify America adopts NACS connector, expanding charging solutions and embracing industry standards.
  • Extensive network: 850+ stations, 4,000+ chargers across US and Canada, offering ultra-fast charging at speeds up to 350 kW.
  • Electrify America invests in expanding fast charging network along road trip routes, addressing EV long-distance travel concerns.

Electrify America, the leading DC fast charging network in the United States, is shaking up the electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape. In a recent announcement, the company unveiled its plan to incorporate the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector into its fast charging networks in the U.S. and Canada. This strategic move not only underscores Electrify America’s commitment to expanding charging solutions but also embraces industry-wide standards for the benefit of EV drivers now and in the future.

Electrify America’s Dedication to an Inclusive Charging Network

Electrify America recognizes the importance of an inclusive and open charging network that accommodates the diverse needs of EV owners. Robert Barrosa, the president and CEO of Electrify America, emphasizes the company’s dedication to enhancing vehicle interoperability and streamlining public charging. He states, “Since our founding, we have focused on building an inclusive and open hyper-fast charging network to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles.” Electrify America’s dedication to industry-wide standards ensures that EV drivers can charge their vehicles conveniently, regardless of the charging port.

Taking EVs on Road Trips

One of the common concerns for EV owners is the ability to embark on long road trips without worrying about charging infrastructure. Electrify America is actively addressing this concern. It was revealed that Electrify America is investing heavily in expanding its fast charging network along popular road trip routes. This investment aims to provide EV owners with the confidence and convenience to explore new destinations without range anxiety. With the inclusion of the NACS connector, Electrify America’s fast charging network will be even more accessible for road-tripping EV enthusiasts.

Addressing Charger Reliability

One of the key challenges in the EV charging landscape is charger reliability. There are issues faced by EV chargers, including frequent breakdowns and maintenance problems. Electrify America, being a frontrunner in the charging infrastructure, acknowledges the importance of addressing these concerns. By incorporating the NACS connector into its fast charging networks, Electrify America aims to enhance the reliability and performance of its charging stations, ensuring a smoother charging experience for EV owners.

Strengthening the Charging Infrastructure

Electrify America understands that collaboration is key to achieving a seamless charging experience. In addition to working with The Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) and SAE International, the company has joined the newly established National Charging Experience Consortium (ChargeX). This collaboration aims to bolster the national charging infrastructure and enhance the overall EV ownership experience. By actively participating in these initiatives, Electrify America solidifies its commitment to driving the EV industry forward.

Electrify America’s Commitment to Ultra-Fast Charging

As the demand for e-mobility surges, Electrify America continues to deliver what customers need. By introducing the NACS connector, the company demonstrates its unwavering dedication to supporting EV adoption and providing ultra-fast charging for all EV models. Electrify America boasts an extensive network of more than 850 charging stations equipped with approximately 4,000 individual chargers across the United States and Canada. These chargers offer exceptional speeds, ranging from 150 kilowatts (kW) to a staggering 350 kW, making them some of the fastest charging options available today.

Expanding Charging Options

By integrating the NACS connector, Electrify America opens its fast charging network to hundreds of thousands of current and future EV drivers. This move allows for greater accessibility and contributes to the growth of the EV industry. As Electrify America’s inclusion of the NACS connector evolves, the company will continue to provide regular updates on its progress, along with plans for station updates in the months to come.

Electrify America’s decision to add the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector to its fast charging networks in the United States and Canada is a significant step towards a more comprehensive and user-friendly charging infrastructure. By embracing industry-wide standards and actively participating in initiatives to strengthen the national charging experience, Electrify America solidifies its position as a leader in the EV charging space. As the company continues to invest in zero-emission vehicle infrastructure and access, it enables millions of Americans to discover the benefits of electric driving while paving the way for a nationwide network of convenient and reliable ultra-fast charging stations.

With Electrify America’s commitment to EV adoption and its dedication to providing advanced charging solutions, the future of electric mobility is brighter than ever.


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