Electrify Expo & Anker: Powering Festivals with Renewable Energy
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Electrify Expo and Anker Team Up to Revolutionize Festival Power with Renewable Energy

Anker PowerHouse 767 Electrify Expo 2023 Tour
  • Electrify Expo partners with Anker, cuts emissions: North America’s largest EV festival, Electrify Expo, joins forces with Anker to reduce carbon emissions on the tour.
  • Anker PowerHouse 767 transforms festival power: The cutting-edge portable power station, Anker PowerHouse 767, revolutionizes Electrify Expo’s energy supply with its capacity, longevity, and renewable options.
  • Showcasing sustainable power at seven locations: Anker sets up exhibits at each Electrify Expo spot, highlighting their portable power stations and solar panels, promoting renewable energy and eco-friendly choices.

Electrify Expo, North America’s biggest electric vehicle (EV) festival, has just announced a groundbreaking partnership with Anker, the renowned global leader in mobile charging. This collaboration is set to power the entire 2023 festival tour, and the best part? It’s going to slash carbon emissions along the way.

BJ Birtwell, the visionary founder and executive producer of Electrify Expo, couldn’t contain his excitement about this game-changing alliance. “As we’ve grown to become the largest electric vehicle festival in North America, finding sustainable ways to power our events has been a top priority,” Birtwell explained. “Teaming up with Anker not only brings us a trusted and reliable power source but also a renewable one that eliminates our reliance on fossil fuels. With the Anker PowerHouse 767, we have found the perfect solution to efficiently and cleanly power our events across the country.”

The Ultimate Power Solution for Electrify Expo’s Massive Demands

The portable power station packs a punch with a massive 2048Wh capacity and 2400W AC output, making it easy to power almost any appliance. When you need more power, expand to 4096Wh by adding an expansion battery.

With each Electrify Expo location sprawling over an impressive 1 million square feet of exhibition, demo, and festival space, the power demands are substantial. That’s where the Anker PowerHouse 767 comes in, boasting unparalleled features that make it a powerhouse of efficiency and longevity. With a remarkable capacity of 2048Wh, which can even double to 4096Wh with the addition of the 760 Expansion Battery, the PowerHouse 767 is a true force to be reckoned with. It can keep the party going for up to a staggering 50,000 hours!

Embracing Solar Energy for a Greener Future

Whenever you are outdoors, recharge the portable power station quickly, conveniently, and sustainably by taking advantage of its 1000W solar input capacity.

But what truly sets the PowerHouse 767 apart is its commitment to sustainability. While you can always recharge it using a standard home outlet, this portable power station takes eco-friendliness to a whole new level. Thanks to its compatibility with up to five solar panels, it harnesses the power of the sun, offering a genuinely green energy source. Say goodbye to noisy, gas-guzzling generators and hello to a cleaner, more environmentally conscious future.

Eric Villines, Head of Global Communications for Anker Innovations, couldn’t contain his enthusiasm about this partnership. “Anker is thrilled to be Electrify Expo’s 2023 sustainability partner,” Villines said. “By harnessing the incredible power of our long-lasting portable solutions, including the Anker 767 PowerHouse, Electrify will significantly reduce its reliance on gas-powered generators and lower carbon emissions for this year’s tour.”

Electrify Expo Tour Unveils Sustainable Power Solutions

But that’s not all! Anker will also be showcasing its sustainable power solutions in a special pop-up exhibition area at each Electrify Expo location. Festival-goers will have the chance to discover the full range of Anker’s portable power stations and solar panels, ensuring they never run out of power while embracing a greener lifestyle.

Get your calendars ready because the Electrify Expo tour is coming to a city near you:

  • Long Beach, Calif. at Long Beach Convention Center – May 19-21
  • San Francisco at Alameda Point (NEW location for 2023) – June 24-25
  • Washington DC at RFK Stadium (NEW location for 2023) – July 22–23
  • New York at Nassau Coliseum (Long Island) – August 12-13
  • Seattle at Marymoor Park – September 9-10
  • Miami at Miami Dade Fairgrounds – October 14-15
  • Austin, Texas at Circuit of the Americas – November 10-12

The Electrify Expo tour promises to be a truly remarkable showcase of electric vehicles, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable power. Mark your calendars and get ready to join the movement toward a cleaner, greener world. With Electrify Expo and Anker leading the way, we can all play a part in revolutionizing how festivals are powered while reducing our impact on the environment. Together, we can make a difference and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

For more information about Electrify Expo visit www.electrifyexpo.com.

To learn more about Anker’s mobile charging solutions visit www.anker.com.

About Electrify Expo

Electrify Expo is North America’s largest outdoor electric vehicle (EV) festival showcasing the latest technology and products in electrification including startup and legacy EVs, electric motorcycles, bikes, scooters, skateboards, boats, surfboards and more. The festival addresses one of the most challenging barriers to mass adoption of electric vehicles – first hand experience with the product – with meaningful demonstrations and test rides. Top brands from around the world exhibit and attend Electrify Expo’s events to meet consumers at all stages on their path to electrification. 2023 events will take place in Long Beach and San Francisco, Calif., Washington DC, New York, Seattle, Miami, and Austin, Texas. To stay up to date on the latest news and announcements from Electrify Expo, visit www.electrifyexpo.com and follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

About Anker

Anker is the world’s #1 mobile charging brand and a global leader in sustainable power. This includes wall plugs, wireless chargers, power banks, solar panels, and power solutions for the home and outdoors. Anker recently launched its “Re[Charge] the Future” program and has committed to making more sustainable products and reducing its use of plastic. More information about Anker can be found at anker.com.


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