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What is a Level 3 EV charger? It’s a public charging station that delivers energy directly to the EV battery at speeds between 50 kW and 350 kW.
The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program (NEVI) has funded building two new EV charging stations in Maui, Hawaii this year.
A new flagship Electrify America indoor charging station with 21 EV chargers recently opened in San Francisco with plenty of amenities inside.
Allegiant Stadium will soon offer EV charging from Blink for EV drivers who attend Raiders football games in Las Vegas.
Tesla announced the winners of the Fall 2023 Tesla Supercharger vote with two new Tesla Supercharger locations in the U.S. and several in Canada.
Upgrading the EV charging experience involves a manageable paradigm shift for the industry and consumers.
Stellantis joins the rest of the EV automakers by adopting the proposed SAE Standard J3400 Connector.
EVCS and Energy Northwest have received a $14.6 million CFI grant for EV charging to fund over 50 electric vehicle chargers in Washington and Oregon.
New EV charging venture IONNA, now operating in the U.S., features heavyweight backers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Stellantis.
The Cupertino Union School District has contracted with ENGIE North America to install 5.1 megawatts of solar power and 72 Level 2 EV charging stations.
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Chevrolet Equinox EV from rear view and parked and overlooking water at sunset.

The Chevy Equinox EV Could Be 2024's Most Affordable EV

many open Level 3 EV Chargers from Tesla at night

What Is a Level 3 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger?

Image showcasing 2023 Nissan Leaf on public mountainside highway

NEVI-Funded EV Charging Stations Are Coming to Maui, Hawaii