Onewheel Will Save the World— from Electric Scooter Rentals
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Onewheel Will Save the World— from Scooters

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Anyone who’s tripped over a rented scooter that’s been carelessly discarded on the sidewalk already knows that the e-mobility revolution is not without its problems. Onewheel thinks it’s got the fix— and the fix is fun!

Last week, California-based electric skateboard company Onewheel took over the Santa Monica as the first stop on the company’s 2022 demo tour. The company showed off its new Onewheel GT and Pint boards to all riders 14 and over.

“If you’ve ever stepped on a Onewheel, you know it’s an amazing experience,” explained Onewheel’s “Chief Evangelist”, Jack Mudd. “Onewheel boards have the power to make your day better, get you where you’re going, and find joy in the process. This Santa Monica demo is about sharing that experience with the people.”

Onewheel is one of the most rapidly growing board-sports and e-mobility options on the market. And that market— fueled by a mix of high fun and high fuel prices— has seen an explosion in popularity in recent months.

“The beauty is anyone, and everyone can hop on and get the hang of it in a couple of minutes. There’s the perception that you need to be a board sport enthusiast to ride a Onewheel.” Says Mudd. “But the reality is, Onewheel makes life more magical and less stressful for thousands of people who have never been on a surfboard or snowboard in their life. It makes that feeling of flow more accessible than ever.”

What Mudd is trying to say is that these products are affordable enough and practical enough to make the ownership model more appealing than the “mobility as a service” (MAAS) model you’d get from a rental Bird or Lime scooter— with the Pint X and GT starting at about $1000 and $2000, respectively, that’s for you to decide. One thing we do know: these Onewheel boards are fun!

You can experience the company’s electric boards at events like the Electrify Expo coming to five major cities in 2022, where you’ll be able to experience electrified boards, scooters, and e-bikes for yourself to see which one makes you (and your wallet) the happiest. Until then, you’ll have to settle for letting us know how you feel about these boards— and how you think they compare to e-scooters— in the comments.


32 Mile Onewheel GT


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