Chargeway App Simplifies EV Charging with Innovative 2.0 Software Update

Chargeway App Simplifies EV Charging with Innovative 2.0 Software Update

person holding a phone with the chargeway 2.0 app with a map loaded to find Tesla charging stations
  • Chargeway 2.0 includes an enhanced road trip planner to calculate weather conditions, driving speeds, and charging power levels. 
  • Drivers can customize the color of their EV avatar on the app. 
  • Charging station information includes photos, amenities, charging prices, and station functionality. 
  • The redesigned app is available on November 10 on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. 

The efficient and user-friendly Chargeway app just made EV charging even easier. EV drivers can find nearby charging stations and plan their road trips with the updated Chargeway 2.0 smartphone app. 

Sleek Redesign with Customizable Features

The Chargeway 2.0 update gives the app a redesigned, sleek new look while maintaining the easy color-coded number system so drivers know what charging station will get them speedily back on the road. 

Chargeway 2.0

Chargeway 2.0 features: 

  • A redesigned user interface with straightforward navigation with any EV
  • Real-time status updates from major EV charging networks
  • Enhanced road trip planner that calculates weather conditions, driving speed, a charging power level 
  • Charging time estimates based on EV models and public charging station power levels. 

Improvements Go Beyond the Surface

Matt Teske, Chargeway’s Founder and CEO said, “Comprehensive vehicle and station data calculations combined with the addition of real-time station availability and EV-specific charge time estimates at every station help drivers understand charging options more quickly and save time — a benefit we know is highly valued.”

The new software doesn’t just improve efficiency and functionality. Users can add their EVs and customize the color, name, and battery level. These new features give EV drivers a unique experience and lets them plan their EV charging more efficiently. 

Simplifying Charging with Colors and Numbers

Chargeway is dedicated to simplifying EV driving. The patented software and updated user interface resolve the complexity of understanding volts, kilowatts, and charging speeds. 

Instead, drivers simply learn their EV’s color and number (for example, Kia EV6 is a Green 7, Tesla Model 3 Long Range is a Red 7, Nissan LEAF is a Blue 4, and Ford Mustang Mach-E is a Green 6), then look for charging stations with the same color and number for the speediest charging. Chargeway does the calculations and then simplifies the results so drivers can enjoy their vehicles and find the fastest, functional chargers. 

Elegant Solutions to Complicated Engineering

Teske said, “I often think of something Steve Jobs said: ‘It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple, to truly understand the underlying challenges, and come up with elegant solutions.’”

Teske and Chargeway are dedicated to simplifying “electricity as a fuel.” With the Chargeway App, drivers no longer have to be experts on kilowatts, volts, speeds, and acronyms (CCS, NACS, CHAdeMO). Chargeway does the thinking, to reduce the EV charging learning curve and make the new fueling option accessible for everyone. 

My Experience with Chargeway 2.0

I’ve been playing with the redesigned and updated app. The first thing I did was make my EV6 Yacht Blue, then I checked out my local Electrify America station at a nearby Meijer. 

The new app shows what stations are available and how long it will take to charge my Kia EV6. It also included amenities including the Starbucks, deli, and bakery inside the Meijer store. Drivers can leave reviews, and the app shows an accurate photo of the station. 

I also checked out the University Park Mall charging station in Mishawaka, Indiana, where I frequently stop. At the time of writing, I can see that one of the Green 7 stations I often use isn’t available, and the app also shows a customer photo of the station. The station photos are an added safety feature so drivers know what to expect upon arrival. 

Download the App from Your Favorite App Store

The redesigned Chargeway app will be available on the iOS Apple Store and the Google Play Store on November 10, 2023



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