Ampere EV Creates Modular EV Conversion Battery Pack
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Ampere EV Creates Modular EV Conversion Battery Pack

Ampere EV Carrera ICE to EV modification using modular battery
  • Ampere EV has created the Atom Drive Battery Module, which uses completely new components to take up less space and use an efficient cooling process.
  • The Battery Module contains three smaller modules that can be stacked in different arrangements to make mounting easier.
  • A custom Battery Management System allows the Battery Module to maintain a long and safe life span.

Converting an ICE vehicle into an EV is possible, but it’s not something we usually hear a ton about. It’s a challenging and potentially hazardous process, for sure, between repurposing used batteries or building custom enclosures. But now we have the Atom Drive Battery Module from Ampere EV, which aims to change up this process by offering a fully modular and safe solution for EV conversion.

1986 Porsche 911 Carrera built by The Current Exchange that was converted using Ampere EV’s Atom Drive System. Photo care of Ampere EV

How the Atom Drive Battery Module Can Be Used

More conventional approaches may take parts from other production EVS, but the Atom Drive Battery Module is designed from the ground up, with all components being 100% new. The engineering focuses on minimizing space requirements, optimizing thermal efficiency, and ensuring maximum safety. The Battery Module is meant to make installing high-voltage batteries an easier, safer, and less expensive process.

One of the big headaches of an EV conversion is finding space to mount the new battery system. Ampere EV’s module addresses this problem with its compact, modular design. By using a cell-to-pack configuration, it gets higher energy density – storing 14 kWh while weighing just 182 lbs, making it about 7% lighter than a Tesla battery.

This modular design ultimately allows for more versatile mounting options, meaning that its smaller modules could be stacked vertically, horizontally, or remotely in separate spots within the vehicle where there’s room to be had.

Efficiency and Safety in the Battery Module

Efficient thermal management is crucial for battery longevity and performance. The Battery Module uses an asymmetric regression cooling plate, designed with the help of computational fluid dynamics optimization. The plate’s design features water flow channels carefully engineered to balance pressure drop, temperature distribution, and heat transfer. As a result, the heat exchanger efficiently extracts heat, safeguarding the battery from thermal stress.

As for safety, Ampere EV’s engineers and technicians assemble each Atom Drive battery module in-house. The individual cells are bonded together using a specialized 2-part thermal epoxy, and nickel-plated copper bus bars are laser-welded to create cell groups. These groups are then securely bonded into the module, and any remaining air gaps around the cells are filled with a fire-retardant self-extinguishing foam.

Every module integrates a custom Battery Management System (BMS) developed by Ampere EV. This BMS, equipped with tailor-made circuit boards and software, monitors the health of individual cells in real-time. By communicating vital information to the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), the Battery Module ensures optimal performance, longevity, and safety.

All components used in the module are UL94 V-0 rated or better, indicating excellent burn rate and self-extinguishing capabilities. The integration of TouchSafe Connections, enabled by integrated contactors, ensures disconnection from high voltage in the absence of a fully connected and normal operational state.

Making EV Conversion a Bit Easier

With plug-and-play compatibility, the Atom Drive Battery Module has some great potential to allow for easier EV conversion. Building an EV might just be more accessible now for individual enthusiasts and larger conversion companies alike.


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