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New Government Mandates, Fighting Progress, & Vehicle Safety’s New Champ
Tesla Investor Day, Evolution of the Charging Landscape & Cultivating Actual Innovation
Answering EV Home Charging Questions about safety, solar power, and commercial installations with QMerit CEO, Tracy Price!
Superchargers AREN’T For Everyone, EV Branding and Language, & How Companies Can Capitalize on Dwell Time w/ Loren McDonald
Tesla’s Project Highland Predictions, How To Be More Cost Effective In EV Manufacturing & The Reliability of EVs w/ Cory Steuben
Tesla Shanghai Factory Shuts Down, New NEVI Announcements, & California rebates for electric vehicle conversions.
Ultra-Fast Charging & Energy Storage … without pulling new wires from the utility. We talk to FreeWire CEO Arcady Sosinov.
Dealers Make a Difference: How California Car Dealers are Leading the Charge for EV Adoption w/ Brian Maas
Electrifying the Powersports Business w/ Taiga CEO Sam Bruneau
Tesla Can’t Figure Out What its Cars Should Cost, Matt Wants in on the EV Planning commission, & Polestar Gets Serious about performance.



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