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Mario Chacon, PEV enthusiast, joins Jarod DeAnda on Electrify Podcast, discussing his racing background, community involvement, and upcoming ESK8 events.
Experience elite electric skateboard competition at the Electrify Race League Championship, hosted as part of Electrify Expo in four cities!
Future Motion Inc. announced the Onewheel GT S-Series, a significant development in the e-board market.
Cycleboard’s new X-Quad 3000 board is an all-terrain beast boasting 3000W of power and premium suspension for ultimate off-roading.
Get pumped for the Evolve Skateboards Stoke electric skateboard! Feel the rush with speeds up to 22 mph, travel up to 10 miles, and enjoy easy control.
BKB Voyager remote: Comfortable, precise joystick control, informative display, long-lasting battery. Elevate your electric skateboarding experience.
Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for moms who love electric vehicles. Electric bikes, scooters, accessories, and more!
WowGo announces the 2S Max, a powerful electric skateboard with dual 550W hub motors that starts under $500.
Onewheel thinks its electric skateboards are a step-up from electric scooter and e-bike rentals— and they want you to see for yourself!
With an off-road electric skate, your adventures will be limitless
BLUETTI AC200max banner
Men's EVRYjourney Black 500W



Forum Mobility truck charging depot groundbreaking at the Port of Long Beach

Forum Mobility and Elemental Collaborate to Propel Zero-Emission Trucking at the Port of Long Beach

McLaren Sport 600 electric mountain bike

McLaren Unveils Electric Mountain Bikes with 600W Motors and Carbon Fiber Frames

EV road trip in a Ford F-150 Lightning

Can You Use an EV for a Road Trip?