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Experience up to 60 miles per charge, 2.5-hour fast charging, and 10+ years of reliability with the Trojan Lithium OnePack.
Lyten, a global leader in lithium-sulfur battery technology, has shipped samples of its 6.5 Ah lithium-sulfur pouch cells to Stellantis for evaluation.
Nissan plans to launch its EVs equipped with all-solid-state batteries by 2028, which will all be produced at its Yokohama Plant.
At Auto China 2024, CATL unveiled its Shenxing PLUS — the world’s first LFP battery that achieves a range above 1,000 km with 4C superfast charging.
Chinese EV leader BYD recently pioneered cell-to-body EV battery technology, integrating the battery cells directly into the vehicle’s structure.
In April, Natron Energy announced plans for the first commercial-scale production of sodium-ion batteries in the U.S., initially focusing on energy storage.
Ascend Elements and Call2Recycle partner to streamline EV battery collection, logistics, and recycling for dealerships, shops, and recyclers by 2030.
Explore the Salton Sea region’s lithium potential, a resource worth billions, that’s transforming the global battery market and U.S. energy strategy.
The U.S. government loosened rules governing the federal EV tax credit of up to $7,500, increasing the number of EVs eligible for the credits.
StoreDot’s I-BEAM XFC concept charges EVs in less than 10 mins, revolutionizing charging speeds, paving the way for mass EV adoption.
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