Electrify Expo Returns to Long Beach with Record EV Manufacturer Lineup, Including Rivian, Hyundai, Fisker, Kawasaki, and More
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Electrify Expo Returns to Long Beach with Record EV Manufacturer Lineup, Including Rivian, Hyundai, Fisker, Kawasaki, and More

Electrify Expo Returns to Long Beach with Record EV Manufacturer Lineup, Including Rivian, Hyundai, Fisker, Kawasaki, and More!
  • Now in its fourth year, Electrify Expo rapidly expands, showcasing growth in exhibiting brands from automakers and micromobility players.
  • Offers over 1 million square feet of outdoor space for hands-on experiences.
  • Attendees can ride, drive, and demo top electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, bikes, scooters, skateboards, and more.
  • Tickets available for purchase online and in person.

Electrify Expo, the largest electric vehicle (EV) festival in North America, is set to light up Long Beach with its biggest showcase of electric brands yet, taking place at the Long Beach Convention Center on June 1-2. Featuring an expansive display of leading brands, including familiar faces like Tesla, Volvo, Kia, Toyota, Ford, and others, the event is expanding its horizon by introducing Hyundai, Fisker, and Rivian to the mix. This outdoor festival promises excitement for all ages, offering a variety of hands-on experiences to demo the latest EVs, plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs), electric motorcycles, RV trailers, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards, and much more. You can get a discount on family pack tickets at electrifyexpo.com.

The Future of Mobility Takes Center Stage with Exciting New Brands, Free Access for Auto Reps, and Exclusive Insights

With a record lineup of manufacturers and new brands, Electrify Expo is setting the stage for the future of mobility. BJ Birtwell, CEO and founder of Electrify Expo, expressed excitement about the event, stating, “We are thrilled to return to Long Beach this year bigger and better than ever with a record lineup of EV manufacturers and new brands that will add to the thrill factor and fun of the many electric experiences offered.”

Electrify Expo Phoenix 2024 - Tesla Cybertruck

The festival’s mission is to address one of the key barriers to mass EV adoption – firsthand experience. The objective of Electrify Expo is to make electric mobility easy to understand and show everyone its perks by offering informative demos and test drives, no matter where they are on their electric journey. And in fact, in March, Birtwell offered free attendance to auto sales reps from over 4,000 U.S. dealerships who pushed for EV mandate delays. More on this here.

  • Electrify Expo Phoenix 2024 - Electrify Race League
  • Electrify Expo Phoenix 2024 - Electrify Race League
  • Electrify Expo Phoenix 2024 - Electrify Race League
  • Electrify Expo Phoenix 2024 - Electrify Race League

Among the highlights of the event are new attractions designed to delight attendees. The all-new Rivian R3 hatchback midsize crossover and an exciting new 2025 model from Kawasaki will be on display at Industry Day, alongside four EV models Hyundai, and Fisker will showcase its roomy midsize crossover EV, the Fisker Ocean. Additionally, the Electrify Race League (ERL) promises to unite top athletes in e-mobility for a series of thrilling competitions. Mario Chacon, a well-known member of Southern California’s PEV community, recently joined our podcast to talk with Jarod about the ERL.

Must-See Features, Charitable Ventures, and California’s EV Domination

Pebble will unveil the Pebble Flow, an all-electric RV trailer camper equipped with a massive EV battery and integrated solar panels, ideal for off-grid exploration for several days. Meanwhile, the Amazon Recharge Zone will provide valuable information and debunk myths surrounding EV ownership through a series of educational programs.

Ford enthusiasts can look forward to the return of the Ford Thrill Zone, offering hot laps in the Mustang Mach-E GT with a professional driver. Electrify Expo and Volvo are teaming up for a charitable mission, set to be announced at Industry Day on May 31.

Electrify Expo Phoenix 2024 - Amazon Recharge Zone with Tesla Model X

California’s leading role in EV adoption is reflected in Electrify Expo’s lineup, with the state accounting for 34% of the country’s new light-duty zero-emissions vehicle sales last year. Additionally, California surpassed 100,000 EV chargers and currently offers grants for low-income residents. California’s ongoing commitment to sustainability drives innovation. Electrify Expo acts as a central point for current EV owners staying updated on the latest advancements and newcomers keen to learn more about electric mobility.

As Birtwell highlights, Electrify Expo offers something for everyone, from enthusiasts to skeptics. “Do not miss this record-setting event,” he urges, highlighting the unique opportunity for attendees to experience the future of transportation firsthand.

Electrify Expo Phoenix 2024 - Nikola TRE

Electrify Expo: Your Ultimate EV Test-Drive Destination!

Experience the thrill of driving an EV with options for high-performance adventures or comfortable street cruising demos at Electrify Expo, the ultimate destination to test-drive all things electric before making a purchase. Explore a wide array of vehicles from leading manufacturers, including:

  • Rivian: Featuring the R1T, R1S, the all-new R2, and R3 (display-only).
  • Tesla: Get behind the wheel of the Cybertruck, Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.
  • BMW: Test out the i4, i5, i7, iX, 330e, X5 50e, and XM.
  • Ford: Experience the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning.
  • Fisker: Check out the Ocean.
  • Kia: Discover the EV9, Sorento, EV6, Carnival HEV, Niro EV Wave, and Sportage PHEV.
  • Hyundai: Try out the IONIQ 5 N, IONIQ 5, IONIQ 6, and KONA EV.
  • Lexus: Explore the 2024 RZ 450e, 2024 RX 450h+, 2024 NX 450h+, and 2024 TX 550h+.
  • Toyota: Take a spin in the Grand Highlander Hybrid, Prius Prime, RAV 4 Prime, bZ4X, and SiriusXM (Sienna HV).
  • Volvo: Test-drive the EX30, C40 Recharge, and XC40 Recharge, and EX90.

In addition to these leading automakers, attendees in Long Beach will also have the opportunity to experience the latest technology in e-bikes, e-scooters, and other micromobility products on two and four wheels from top brands such as:

  • Electrify Expo Phoenix 2024 - e-skateboard demo
  • Electrify Expo Phoenix 2024 - Land Moto electric bikes
  • Electrify Expo Phoenix 2024 - Stacyc kids ebike demo
  • Electrify Expo Phoenix 2024 - Stacyc kids ebike demo
  • Electrify Expo Phoenix 2024 - Micromobility Zone

Don’t miss out on test-driving the latest electric vehicles from top brands, exploring advanced technology, and networking with EV leaders, enthusiasts, and the curious, all in one location! Grab your tickets now at electrifyexpo.com.



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