Toyota Spotlights EV Lineup in ‘Electrified Diversified’ Campaign
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Toyota Spotlights EV Lineup in ‘Electrified Diversified’ Campaign

blue 2024 hybrid Camry in at night in a parking garage, vehicle is one of many in Electrified Diversified Toyota ads
  • The “Electrified Diversified” ad campaign will feature the 16 electrified vehicles in the Toyota lineup. 
  • Toyota is working on becoming a carbon-neutral company by making low- and zero-emissions vehicles. 
  • You can see the ads during Thursday Night Football games and when watching digital streaming programs. 

Toyota has begun a marketing campaign that focuses on the automaker’s hybrid and electric vehicles. The “Electrified Diversified” Beyond Zero campaign showcases how Toyota is working to become more than carbon neutral, to create a positive impact on the planet. 

Working Toward a Carbon-Neutral Footprint

The automaker is busy building electrified vehicles powered with batteries, hybrid technology, and fuel cells. With so many options, Toyota is pushing the idea that there is an electrified option for everyone. Regardless of choice, the electrified vehicles will help the automaker achieve its vision of reaching a Beyond Zero carbon footprint. 

Toyota Leads the Way With Electrified Vehicles 

Mike Tripp, the Vice President of Vehicle Marketing & Communications announced, “Toyota offers more low- and zero-emission vehicles combined than any other automaker including battery electric, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and fuel cell electric offerings.” 

The “Electrified Diversified” lineup includes the Tundra Hybrid, Camry Hybrid, RAV4 Prime PHEV, Prius, bZ4X, and Mirai (a fuel-cell vehicle only available in California) – along with several others. In total, Toyota offers 16 electrified vehicles with 12 hybrid electric, two plug-in hybrids, one battery electric, and one hydrogen fuel-cell model. By the way, the “bZ” in the bZ4X stands for “Beyond Zero.” 

Toyota Offers an EV for Everyone

The new campaign is designed to show drivers that they can drive an electrified vehicle, and they can choose one that fits their lifestyle and helps the planet. Toyota wants to create a sense of confidence and excitement regarding EV driving, and the 30-second advertisement shows how drivers can enjoy life with an electric vehicle with low or zero carbon emissions. 

Toyota wants drivers to know that they have the freedom to choose to drive an EV and that lowering their carbon footprint will help make outdoor activities like beach barbecues, off-roading adventures, and children’s birthday parties more enjoyable. Toyota is also showing how its lineup is powerful, stylish, and reliable – with the strong message that there is a Toyota EV for everyone.

Where to See the Toyota Commercials

If you watch streaming digital content or scroll through social media, the odds are good that you’ll see the “Electrified Diversified” Beyond Zero campaign. Toyota has paid for ad spots during Thursday Night Football games and for partnerships with Wired, Forbes, Hearts, and iHeartMedia.

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