SUPER73 Unveils 2024 SE and LE E-Bikes with Upgraded Batteries and Advanced Features
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SUPER73 Unveils 2024 SE and LE E-Bikes with Upgraded Batteries and Advanced Features

SUPER73 Unveils 2024 SE and LE E-Bikes with Upgraded Batteries and Advanced Features
  • The SUPER73 2024 e-bike lineup introduces SE and LE trims with exclusive badging and individually numbered bikes, adding luxury and exclusivity.
  • The lineup features three new tiers of batteries – 500 PRO, 750 PRO, and 1000 PRO – all UL 2271 compliant for safety and sustainability.
  • The popular SUPER73-S2 electric motorbike now comes standard with Tektro hydraulic brakes.

The American lifestyle adventure company that specializes in electric motorcycles, SUPER73, has once again captured the imagination of electric vehicle enthusiasts with the unveiling of its model year 2024 e-bike lineup. Blending the timeless essence of motorcycle tradition with the vibrant spirit of youth culture, SUPER73 keeps establishing fresh benchmarks in both style and capability in the world of electric biking.


Since its inception in 2016, SUPER73 has swiftly risen to fame as a globally recognized electric vehicle brand, captivating a loyal fan base that spans A-list celebrities and top athletes. Today, the company leads the charge in innovation, continually pushing the envelope of what electric motorbikes can achieve.

LeGrand Crewse, Co-founder and CEO of SUPER73, expressed his excitement about the latest developments: “We’ve listened closely to our riders’ experiences and aspirations, and are thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements and colorways of our new 2024 lineup. Every upgrade is a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences and exceeding the expectations of our loyal and passionate customers.”

ModelDescriptionFeatured on Models
Bandit SEA 1970’s muscle car-inspired black with gold touchesSUPER73-Z Series, SUPER73-R Adventure
Palladium SEA masterclass in style and sophistication, painted a deep and rich gray, complemented by a brown vinyl seatSUPER73-Z Series, SUPER73-R Adventure
Speedway LESilvery satin gray evoking motorsports nostalgia and speedSUPER73-Z Miami, SUPER73-ZX, SUPER73-R Adventure

At the heart of the 2024 collection are the Special Edition (SE) and Limited Edition (LE) models, representing the highest level of luxury and exclusivity. Each SE and LE e-bike features exclusive badging, ensuring a clear distinction from the core lineup. Introducing individually numbered bikes up to 500 adds a special touch, strengthening the bond between riders and the brand.

“We’re adding exclusive numbered badging for all of our limited and special edition bikes starting this year, adding a touch of exclusivity and pride to every ride,” Crewse highlighted.

SUPER73-Z Miami SE Bandit electric bike

To make riding even better, SUPER73 has launched three new battery options, each tailored to different preferences for power and distance. These batteries, stamped with the UL 2271 compliance seal, highlight SUPER73’s strong commitment to safety and sustainability.

Detailing the battery upgrades, Crewse outlined: “In an effort to create battery compatibility across the lineup, these new models will be fitted with three new tiers of batteries, each with labels to help identify them. These batteries can be interchanged between all of SUPER73’s newer models, allowing the rider to choose the power and range they desire.”

For newcomers to e-bikes, the Z-series collection provides unbeatable convenience and style. The 2024 lineup brings improvements like a new throttle and upgraded lighting systems, promising a smooth riding experience. With multiple color options available, riders can tailor their bikes to reflect their personality and preferences.

“The Z-series collection is perfect for anyone looking to explore in comfort and style,” mentioned Crewse. “Whether you’re seeking classic elegance or a pop of personality, our color options are here to turn heads.”

Complementing the Z-series, the best-selling SUPER73-S2 now comes standard with a range of upgrades, including the new throttle and Tektro hydraulic brakes. Meanwhile, the SUPER73-R Adventure receives a host of updates inspired by rider feedback, including Fox rear suspension and Magura Hydraulic brakes.

In tandem with the Model Year 24 debut, SUPER73 has moved its retail store to the company’s headquarters in Irvine, California. The new retail space, crafted to exhibit the latest innovations and product lines, captures the brand’s retro-futuristic vibe, welcoming customers to fully engage in the SUPER73 journey.

“Through our contemporary SoCal-inspired design and laid-back ambiance, we aim to create an atmosphere that embodies adventurous vibes,” Crewse explained. “Our new retail store not only serves as a hub to showcase the SUPER73 brand but also will be the template for future brick-and-mortar stores.”

With prices starting at $2,295 for the SUPER73-Z Miami SE and going up to $4,595 for the SUPER73-R Adventure Series LE, there’s a wide range of choices available to cater to every rider’s desires and requirements.



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