The GOTRAX CTI E-Bike: Redefining the Urban Commuting Experiences
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The GOTRAX CTI E-Bike: Redefining the Urban Commuting Experiences

GOTRAX CTI e-bike couple riding on a bike path
  • The GOTRAX CTI weighs about 50% less than a typical e-bike. 
  • GOTRAX added a long-range battery that delivers up to 40 miles of range. 
  • The CTI is priced less than many of its competitors. 

City dwellers looking for eco-friendly and convenient transportation can now turn to the GOTRAX CTI City Commuter Electric Bike. This efficient e-bike is setting trends for urban transportation thanks to its innovative engineering, sleek style, and impressive performance. 

The GOTRAX CTI has a powerful electric motor and a battery with substantial range helping city dwellers navigate the concrete jungle and manage inclines with ease. Thanks to the GOTRAX CTI, commuters don’t need to worry about finding a parking space. The step-through design makes the GOTRAX CTI a perfect choice for cyclists with a range of abilities. 


Engineered for City Riders

GOTRAX engineered the CTI with a 1000W peak motor that achieves an average of 350w. It’s built to help riders keep up with traffic and get to their destinations on time. 

The ergonomic step-through design and durable frame make the GOTRAX CTI about half the weight of the typical e-bike. The CTI has an adjustable seat height for a customized fit. 

GOTRAX added a high-capacity battery to the CTI so riders can get up to 40 miles of all-electric range on one charge. This impressive range lets riders commute to work and run errands around town without range anxiety. 

Where to Buy the GOTRAX CTI

GOTRAX offers the CTI on its website. The innovative electric bike is priced to sell, with a sticker price well below competitors with similar battery ranges and lightweight frames. The GOTRAX Marketing Director, Jeff Lawrence, said about the CTI Electric Bike: “The GOTRAX CTI aims to transform the way people navigate cities, providing a convenient and sustainable solution for daily commuting.” 


The company strives to set new trends in electric transportation, especially for urban riders looking for an environmentally-friendly and sustainable solution to gas-powered vehicles. GOTRAX has a lineup of electric scooters, bikes, hoverboards, and accessories built to be reliable and durable. The company works hard to push the boundaries of electric mobility. 



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