Episode 323 with Mario Chacon: ESK8 Racing and Community
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Episode 323 with Mario Chacon: ESK8 Racing and Community

Promotional image for Electrify Podcast episode 323 with Jarod DeAnda and Guest Mario Chacon, titled ESK8 Racing and Community

In Episode 323 of the Electrify Podcast, Jarod DeAnda speaks with Mario Chacon, a noteworthy figure in Southern California’s personal electric vehicle (PEV) community. Mario is deeply involved in the electric skateboard (ESK8) racing scene and discusses his journey, equipment, and role in the Electrify Expo’s Electrify Race League (ERL). He also shares details about the upcoming ERL in Phoenix, Arizona, on May 4-5, which will feature ESK8 racing and community activities.

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Mario describes the ESK8 community as “very community-oriented,” explaining how easy it is to get involved by joining local Facebook groups and participating in group rides and events. He emphasizes that newcomers don’t need the “biggest, baddest board” to start; it’s about “getting involved and then getting the itch.” He mentions how he got involved in ESK8 racing in 2019 and has been active in the scene since then.


Regarding the racing community, Mario mentions different racing classes, including Novice (Stock), Sportsman (Modified), and PRO divisions. The classifications are based on qualifying times, similar to Formula 1, allowing various boards and riders to compete. He explains that most PRO riders, like himself, use Stooge Raceboards, known for their high performance, with boards outputting up to 20 kilowatts, equivalent to about 14 horsepower.

Electrify E-Skate ESK8 League Series - Championship

Jarod and Mario also discuss safety equipment, with Mario highlighting his use of knee pads, elbow pads, and light armor jackets for protection. Given that the Phoenix event is expected to be over 90 degrees, he plans to run with lighter protective gear.


They discuss the different types of ESK8 setups, with Mario explaining how some riders use toe bindings for stability without being completely locked in, allowing for quick escapes if needed. He notes that racing with an electric unicycle alongside ESK8 is possible, but it’s physically demanding.

Mario talks about the collaboration between Stooge Raceboards and Meepo, a budget-friendly ESK8 brand, which could help make high-performance electric skateboarding more accessible. This collaboration is significant for the community because it “opens up doors for people that want to get into racing.”

Electrify E-Skate ESK8 League Series - Championship

As for future developments in ESK8, Mario reveals that current speeds can reach around 55 mph, with the potential to go even faster. He is excited about the opportunities that events like Electrify Race League offer, providing a platform to showcase the capabilities of electric skateboards.

For more information on Mario Chacon, check him out on Instagram. For more information on Electrify Expo’s Electrify Race League, visit www.electrifyexpo.com/electrifyraceleague, and follow on Instagram.

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