Electrify Race League 2024 National Points Championship Hits 4 Cities
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Electrify Race League 2024 National Points Championship Hits 4 Cities

Electrify E-Skate ESK8 League Series - Championship
  • The Electrify Race League hosts four events, including a National Championship, spanning across four vibrant cities: Phoenix, Long Beach, San Francisco, and New York, providing elite-level competition for electric skateboarders across the nation.
  • The Series offers competition with practice, qualifying, and multiple heats leading to the final event, featuring three classes for fair competition, catering to both seasoned pros and newcomers alike.
  • Asphalt Kings, a reality show documenting the league’s inaugural season, offers viewers an inside look at both on-track competitions and off-track interactions, produced by experienced crews for maximum entertainment.

The eagerly awaited 2024 Electrify Race League Championship Series is set to debut across four exciting cities of the Electrify Expo tour, North America’s largest electric vehicle (EV) festival. The Series will include the cities of Phoenix, Long Beach, San Francisco, and New York. Professionally designed tracks will become the battleground for e-skateboarders nationwide to compete for the overall championship and be featured in a new, docu-reality video series. As the popularity of electric skateboarding continues to grow, the Electrify Race League Championship offers a unique opportunity for athletes and spectators to witness the speed and excitement of competitive electric skateboarding firsthand.


Electrify E-Skate Championship at Electrify Expo Across 4 Cities!

The Electrify Race League Championship shines as a leading competition in electric skateboarding. Created for e-skate athletes craving high-level challenges, this professionally organized series includes four regional races. The Series is committed to providing world-class competitions that push the limits of electric skateboarding and offers athletes and sponsors an unmatched platform to demonstrate the capabilities of the sport.

Points accumulation throughout the regional races will determine the leaderboard standings, adding an extra layer of intensity to the competition. This detailed scoring system ensures that every race is a crucial step towards glory for the entrants.

Electrify E-Skate ESK8 League Series - Championship

Innovation and Safety

As part of Electrify Expo, the 2024 race events are seamlessly incorporated into Electrify Expo’s festival, enriching the experience for both participants, sponsors and spectators. Every detail, from the carefully designed tracks to the racer pit setups, is meticulously crafted to prioritize safety, excitement, and fair competition. Safety is paramount, and no effort will be spared in creating tracks that not only offer excitement but also meet the highest safety standards. From crowd management to course supervision by marshals, every aspect is carefully arranged to ensure a secure environment for the riders.

Race Formats and Classes

Each participant tackles practice laps before moving into qualifying rounds. Saturday’s schedule is filled with adrenaline-charged moments as competitors compete for top positions on race day. Sunday intensifies the excitement with multiple heats per class, leading up to the ultimate showdown during the final main event. The carefully curated race formats aim to push competitors to their limits while delivering an exciting experience for spectators. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the scene, there’s excitement for everyone.


Diving into the rulebook, racers will find themselves categorized into three distinct classes: Stock, Mod, and Pro. Each class offers its unique challenges, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.

Lights, Camera, Action: Asphalt Kings (TV)

The first season of the Electrify Race League Championship will be presented as a reality show called Asphalt Kings, initially airing on YouTube before exploring additional distribution options. The show will offer insight into both the on-track competitions and the interactions between participants in the pits, along with one-on-one interviews. From adrenaline-fueled races to behind-the-scenes drama, this production promises an emotional rollercoaster ride. With collaborations with the same production crew responsible for reality shows aired on Discovery and SPEED, as well as Live Sports on NBC and Fox. Offering viewers an exclusive peek into the world of competitive electric skateboarding, it’s a must-watch for adrenaline enthusiasts everywhere.

Electrify Race League Championship Dates and Locations

Phoenix, AZState Farm StadiumMay 4-5
Long Beach, CALong Beach Convention CenterJune 1-2
San Francisco, CAAlameda PointAugust 24-25
New YorkCiti FieldOctober 12-13

The Electrify Race League Championship is a fresh hub for competitive electric skateboarding, providing athletes with a stage to display their talents and compete at the top tier. With a dynamic race format that challenges athletes to their limits and captivates audiences, coupled with innovative integration through Asphalt Kings, the league offers an experience for enthusiasts of all levels. For registration and future details, visit www.electrifyexpo.com/electrifyraceleague.



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