Stacyc 16eDrive Reviewed [VIDEO]: Best Electric Dirt Bike for a 6-Year-Old Boy?
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Stacyc 16eDrive Reviewed [VIDEO]: Best Electric Dirt Bike for a 6-Year-Old Boy?

Stacyc 16eDrive close up with young rider wearing read coveralls
  • The Stacyc 16eDrive is safely and ruggedly designed, with a weight and size ideal for young riders.
  • The Stacyc electric bike offers three riding modes, allowing parents to adjust based on their child’s skill level.
  • Bikes from this brand feature quick-charging, swappable batteries, and a new high-output brushless motor for extended performance across multiple terrains.
  • An electric balance bike like the Stacyc 16eDrive supports cognitive and physical development through active, outdoor play.

My 3-year-old son watched as my electric Harley Davidson Livewire One was delivered. I watched as his aspiration to become a future ripper was born. Progressing those next three years from balance bike to pedal bike, the arrival of the Stacyc 16eDrive for Eliot’s sixth birthday became his dream come true. 

This is an all-new electric dirt bike and is specifically designed for young riders like him. It blends safety, outdoor activity, and developmental benefits into an ideal choice for kids and parents starting in the motorized two-wheeled world.

First Impressions to Advancing with Power

  • Motor type: Brushless for high output and smooth acceleration.
  • Battery life: Quick charging (30-60 minutes) offers about 60 minutes of riding.
  • Top speed: 5 mph in training mode, 7.5 mph in normal, and 13 mph in advanced mode.
  • User-friendly design: Light enough for Eliot to pick up and move, fostering independence and confidence.

When we unboxed the Stacyc 16eDrive, I could see timidity mixing into his excitement as he considered being in control of a powered two-wheel for the first time. So he started unpowered, without installing the battery, in order to get accustomed to the new bike, and then he quickly transferred the basics — balancing, using the hand-lever brake, and long coasts. These foundations, built on his previous balance and pedal bikes, helped him set the stage faster for the more thrilling powered experience ahead.

I was somewhat surprised, considering his otherwise obvious excitement, when his first physical encounter of the bike was hesitant; yet as the parent I was relieved to witness his eagerness tempered by an awareness of the machine’s power.

I helped him onto the bike, and it felt sturdy between both our grip of the handlebars. We adjusted his seat height and hand brake for a stronger initial “bite,” then his first tentative push. He rolled slowly forward, then like a tablet in seltzer his apprehension dissolved into bubbling confidence. Encouraged and determined, he let me coach him to use the hand-lever brake. This cautious, early experience gave us both comfort and trust about riding the Stacyc 16eDrive.

It was the next day when he was ready to install the battery and power the Stacyc up in “training” mode. From watching YouTube videos of other rippers, Eliot recognized the iconic “beep” startup tone of the Stacyc 16eDrive. This sound was the Pavlovian signal that it’s riding time — time to have fun. 

“Woah!” and laughter erupted from him almost maniacally when he first experienced its throttle response. I watched a world of new journeys flicker over his smiling eyes; for me I felt gratitude. Stacyc product and engineering team members must have kids of their own to anticipate common mistakes and build the training mode around them.


Eliot experienced some of these learning to use a hand throttle: once twisting it full open instead of slowly and twisting it open during moments of uncertainty or trying to dismount. The bike’s reaction to each of these was the perfect natural teacher, but at a much gentler learning curve.

Technical Triumphs: Stacyc 16eDrive Advantages

The Stacyc 16eDrive is designed specifically for young riders like Eliot. It features a high-output brushless motor — this makes it more fun because of its low-end torque and power and allows riding it offroad. This is a feature that is becoming more attractive to him as his skills are developing.

The 16eDrive is a 16-inch balance bike and is ideal for taller kids (with at least an 18” inseam) with some experience on other balance bikes. There is a 12eDrive that can be used, initially unpowered, for younger/shorter kids to build that experience, plus an 18eDrive and 20eDrive available as your child grows and expands their two-wheeled competency.

Each charged battery offers about an hour of ride time and is external. With multiple batteries, we can quickly swap them out to ride as long as we want. They are the same size as cordless drill batteries; apparently there are adapters to use Dewalt or Milwaukee batteries directly, but we are staying within official OEM equipment.


There are three powered modes: training, normal, and advanced. The power is governed within the modes: up to 5 mph for training, 7.5 mph for normal, and 13 mph for advanced. As his confidence in the bike grew, so did his use of throttle, turning long coasts into thrilling rides on and off road, filled with more giggles and excitement — despite the occasional low-speed fall. 

Mastery and Motivation

He sees fun; I see physical and cognitive development, too. Riding helps hand-eye coordination and balance. It encourages activity outdoors, away from screens and into active play. I’m hopeful this builds developmentally healthy habits that will persist for his lifetime.

From the first powered rides, Eliot’s motivation keeps increasing. The Stacyc bike is a tool that is enhancing his physical and cognitive development. While riding the 16eDrive, he is practicing hand-eye coordination and learning to navigate on and off-road, expanding his limits and self-confidence. It’s not just about speed and balance; it’s about understanding his capabilities and gradually expanding them. 

The first day we started unpowered, and we used the same calm neighborhood streets and paved paths as his manual balance and pedal bikes. The first day using power, we added a large field. The next day, we added gravel/unpaved paths and grass/dirt hills. By the third day, he asked to use it at a concrete urban BMX park. Eliot’s curiosity and adventure is expanding, and the machine is consistently meeting the challenge.

Bringing the ‘Beep’ Into Your Home?

Eliot’s journey with the Stacyc 16eDrive has been transformative. From a timid beginner to a confident young rider, his experience suggests to us the Stacyc 16eDrive is the best electric dirt bike for a 6-year-old boy. It offers more than just entertainment; it’s a gateway to outdoor adventure, skill-building, and community.



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