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Nippon Express USA debuts electric medium-duty truck in San Antonio, plans 14 more across US cities for CO2 reduction.
FedEx and The Shyft Group team up to electrify delivery fleet with 150 Blue Arc EV Trucks, praised for performance and sustainability.
HEVI’s GEL-5000 sale to New York Port Authority is a milestone in sustainable machinery, offering zero emissions and extended operation time.
Nikola leads in zero-emissions trucks with hydrogen and battery-electric vehicles, focusing on production and refueling infrastructure for growth.
Canada tackles climate crises with Canada Post leading sustainability efforts; Earth Day inspires collective action for environmental progress.
Ram Professional leads the charge in commercial vehicles with best-in-class performance and new electric options.
Upgrade your fleet’s performance with Goodyear RangeMax tires, offering improved traction in all conditions and a 10% reduction in rolling resistance.
BorgWarner and FinDreams Battery partner to deliver LFP battery tech for commercial vehicles in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia Pacific.
Resonant Link introduces the fastest wireless charger for industrial EVs, saving up to $1M/site/year.
East Energy selects HEVI electric loaders from Greenland for sustainable operations, showcasing zero emissions and top performance.
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