Nippon Express USA Introduces First Electric Medium-Duty Truck, Unveils Expansion Plan
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Nippon Express USA Introduces First Electric Medium-Duty Truck, Unveils Expansion Plan

Nippon Express USA Introduces First Electric 53' Medium-Duty Truck
  • NX Group’s subsidiary, Nippon Express USA, has rolled out its first electric truck, emitting zero CO2 or pollutants.
  • The 53’ electric truck, currently in use in San Antonio, Texas, falls under the medium-duty category.
  • Nippon Express USA. plans to expand its electric fleet with 14 more trucks across different cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Raleigh.

In response to the undeniable urgency of climate change, companies worldwide are innovating and embracing sustainable practices. Among them stands the NX Group, a global logistics giant with roots dating back to 1937 in Japan. With over 73,000 professionals spread across 50+ countries and regions, the NX Group has solidified its position as a leader in the logistics industry.


Yet, for the NX Group, its mission goes beyond simply transporting goods. It’s a commitment to excellence that includes caring for the environment and creating innovative solutions. As part of its climate change initiatives, Nippon Express USA, a subsidiary of Nippon Express Holdings, has recently launched its first 53’ electric truck. Operating out of the San Antonio Sales Office in Texas since May 30, this vehicle emits no CO2 or pollutants during operation, representing a major step in the company’s pursuit of sustainability.

But this is just the beginning.

Fuelled by a vision of a world where sustainability and profitability intertwine, Nippon Express USA plans to electrify its fleet further, introducing a total of 14 electric trucks across key locations like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Raleigh.

The stakes are incredibly high. With the United States setting ambitious goals in zero-emission vehicle sales, companies like Nippon Express USA are taking the lead in this environmental revolution. Specifically, California envisions a future where all medium- and heavy-duty vehicles run silently on clean energy by 2045.

For NX Group, it’s not just about reducing its own carbon footprint. It’s about inspiring its customers to join the fight against climate change. By offering tailored electric truck operation schedules and measuring CO2 emissions reductions, Nippon Express goes beyond simply providing logistics services. They become a partner in sustainability efforts.

But it’s not just about business. It’s a pledge to future generations, a vow to leave the world better than we found it. With constant innovation and a strong dedication to caring for the environment, the NX Group is leading us towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.



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