FedEx Streamlines Last-Mile Delivery with The Shyft Group Partnership, Over 100 Blue Arc EV Trucks
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FedEx Streamlines Last-Mile Delivery with The Shyft Group Partnership, Over 100 Blue Arc EV Trucks

The Shyft Group Blue Arc EV Truck ready to join FedEx EV fleet
  • FedEx partners with The Shyft Group to electrify its nationwide pickup and delivery fleet, starting with 150 Blue Arc EV Trucks.
  • FedEx aims for full fleet electrification by 2040, prioritizing efficient electric models.
  • The Blue Arc EV Truck excels in real-world testing, proving its readiness for commercial use even in extreme conditions.

FedEx has collaborated with The Shyft Group, a leading expert in specialty vehicle manufacturing, to lead the charge in the electrification of its pickup and delivery fleet nationwide. Leading this initiative, FedEx is initiating the process by acquiring 150 Blue Arc EV Trucks for seamless integration into its operations.


“As we work towards the phased electrification of our entire global pickup and delivery fleet by 2040, FedEx is eager to incorporate new and efficient electric vehicle models that meet the demands of our diverse network,” stated Pat Donlon, Vice President of Global Vehicles at FedEx Express.

The Shyft Group Blue Arc EV Truck ready to join FedEx EV fleet

Blue Arc EV Trucks underwent thorough real-world testing along FedEx’s delivery routes in Memphis. It exhibited outstanding performance, surpassing expectations even in demanding conditions. Operating efficiently in temperatures ranging from 95 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, the Blue Arc not only withstood but surpassed expectations, signaling a significant advancement in its readiness for widespread commercial deployment.


“Our Work-Driven Design process is fundamental to our innovation, ensuring we incorporate direct feedback from those who use our vehicles daily,” explained John Dunn, President and CEO of The Shyft Group. “Customer satisfaction is core to our operations and we look forward to seeing these vehicles on the road for FedEx, reflecting our mutual commitment to innovation and sustainability.”

Designed for seamless fleet integration, Blue Arc EV Trucks feature reliability on long routes, energy efficiency, and a regenerative braking system capable of generating 20-30 kW of power. Drivers praised the Blue Arc EV Truck for its effortless maneuverability and overall comfort, highlighting its superiority compared to traditional gas vehicles.



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