HEVI's Electric GEL-5000 Front Loader Sold to New York Port Authority
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HEVI’s Electric GEL-5000 Front Loader Sold to New York Port Authority

HEVI Electric GEL-5000 Front Loader Sold to New York Port Authority
  • HEVI sold its HEVI GEL-5000 electric front loader to New York Port Authority, advancing electric power in industry.
  • The HEVI GEL-5000, with a 5.0-ton load capacity, offers zero emissions, reduced costs, and operates up to 9 hours per charge.
  • CEO Raymond Wang highlights HEVI’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in heavy machinery.

HEVI just hit a big goal with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. This leading developer and manufacturer of electric heavy machinery shared the news of selling its HEVI GEL-5000 all-electric front loader to the Port Authority. It’s a major move in bringing electric power to industrial hubs and business centers.


The HEVI GEL-5000 is a symbol of progress in the sustainable machinery industry. Designed for heavy-duty tasks with a 5.0-ton rated load, this all-electric lithium wheeled front loader combines powerful performance with environmental responsibility.

Weighing approximately 40,000 pounds and capable of operating up to 9 hours per charge, the GEL-5000 offers a slew of benefits including zero emissions, reduced ownership costs, and simplified maintenance.

Raymond Wang, CEO of HEVI, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our team is thrilled about the recent sale to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. This milestone isn’t just strategically significant; it’s also a testament to our capabilities and a major victory.”

HEVI Electric GEL-5000 Front Loader Sold to New York Port Authority

He highlighted the growing momentum behind HEVI’s electric industrial vehicles and the company’s readiness to capitalize on this trend: “This year marks a crucial phase where we’re focused on capitalizing on our vehicle assets and significantly expanding our sales now that our manufacturing, assembly, and sales infrastructure are fully operational.”


The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, a vital bi-state agency, has been at the forefront of transportation and trade infrastructure in the United States for over a century. Managing an array of critical assets and an ambitious $37 billion 10-year capital plan, the agency is well positioned to integrate sustainable solutions like the HEVI GEL-5000 into its operations. This decision supports its ongoing commitment to sustainability goals, striving to improve operational efficiency while lessening its environmental footprint.

The HEVI GEL-5000 is ideal for a range of applications including construction, mining, agriculture, urban construction, waste management, and property management. Its zero-emission capability and extended operation time make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring a cleaner operation wherever it’s deployed.

HEVI’s dedication to innovation and sustainability shines through as it consistently pushes the limits of what’s achievable in heavy machinery. The company’s belief in the transformative power of electric vehicles in industrial environments is reinforced by the increasing acknowledgment from major entities like the Port Authority.

HEVI Electric GEL-5000 Front Loader Sold to New York Port Authority

As Wang fittingly expresses, “We believe we’re on the cusp of a significant shift, where large organizations like the Port Authority recognize the undeniable value we offer in helping them achieve their sustainability objectives, while simultaneously cutting down on total ownership costs and maintenance for their industrial equipment.”



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