Greenland Technologies' HEVI Electric Loaders Chosen by East Energy Renewables for Sustainable Operations
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Greenland Technologies’ HEVI Electric Loaders Chosen by East Energy Renewables for Sustainable Operations

Image showcasing Greenland HEVI GEL-1800 Electric Loaders purchased by East Energy Renewables
  • East Energy Renewables commits to purchasing zero-emission electric industrial machines from Greenland’s HEVI line, marking a significant move towards sustainability.
  • Greenland’s HEVI electric loaders, like the GEL-5000 and GEL-1800, offer top performance with zero emissions, reduced noise, and lower maintenance costs.
  • CEO Raymond Wang stresses the versatility and benefits of HEVI loaders, reflecting growing demand for sustainable material handling solutions.

Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of electric industrial vehicles, has struck a significant deal with East Energy Renewables, further strengthening its position in the market for sustainable material handling solutions. Through its subsidiaries Carolina Poultry Power RG2, LLC and Carolina Poultry Power RG3, LLC, East Energy has committed to purchasing multiple zero-emission electric industrial machines from Greenland’s HEVI product line.


East Energy Commits to Green Operations with HEVI Electric Loaders

According to the agreement, East Energy will acquire two GEL-5000s and one GEL-1800 electric loaders from Greenland’s HEVI series, with deliveries expected later this year. This move marks a significant step towards greener operations for East Energy, showcasing their commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Raymond Wang, CEO of Greenland Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to share the news of major purchase agreements with East Energy. Our mutual dedication to environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices aligns seamlessly.”

The HEVI GEL-5000, a 5.0-ton rated load all-electric lithium wheeled front loader, offers exceptional power and payload options, coupled with approximately 9 hours of operation time per charge. Wang highlighted the versatility of the GEL-5000, stating, “With a long list of sustainability, performance, comfort, maintenance, and safety features, the GEL-5000 all-electric front loader is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage.”

Leading the Charge for Green Operations in Industry

Meanwhile, the HEVI GEL-1800, powered by a 141 KWh lithium battery, addresses key challenges faced by modern facility managers, such as operating emissions and noise pollution. Wang emphasized the benefits of the GEL-1800, noting, “It offers clean and sustainable power, zero operating emissions, and significantly lower maintenance costs compared to diesel vehicles.”

These electric loaders from Greenland’s HEVI series are not only environmentally friendly but also designed to enhance overall operational efficiency. Wang further added, “Our GEL-1800 and GEL-5000 models are setting new standards, offering operators numerous advantages, such as simplicity in maintenance, zero operating emissions, and an enhanced overall experience.”

The success of Greenland Technologies’ electric industrial vehicles underscores the growing demand for sustainable solutions across various industries. Wang concluded, “The positive response from customers highlights the increasing momentum of our sleek and powerful industrial electric vehicles. We are committed to building on our impressive track record of innovation as we continue to bring customers excellent performance in a more environmentally-friendly vehicle.”



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