Episode 315 with Randy Pobst & Drew Dayton: Yokohama Tire
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Episode 315 with Randy Pobst & Drew Dayton: Yokohama Tire

Image showcasing Electrify Podcast episode 315 with host Jarod DeAnada and guests from Yokohama Tire Randy Pobst and Drew Dayton

In this Electrify Podcast episode, host Jarod DeAnda moderates a dynamic conversation with race car driver Randy Pobst and Yokohama Tire specialist Drew Dayton, exploring their collaboration and its expansion into the electric vehicle (EV) domain. Randy Pobst, affectionately known as “RFP” or “The Rocket,” brings decades of racing expertise, while Drew Dayton represents Yokohama Tire as the Senior Product Planning Manager.

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Randy reminisces about his extensive experience with Yokohama tires, particularly in motorsports events like the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, where he compares the intoxicating experience to living out a Speed Racer cartoon. He reflects on his transition from road racing to the unique challenges of Pikes Peak, expressing his newfound appreciation for the dirt tracks: “Dirt is all around better than pavement.”


Yokohama Tire’s Focus on EV Tire Development and Motorsports Excellence

Drew underscores the importance of developing tires tailored to the demands of EVs, emphasizing their need for longevity and performance due to their weight and instant torque delivery: “EVs have unique performance requirements… Teslas are notorious for wearing out their tires quickly.” He further highlights Yokohama’s focus on creating durable road tires: “Making a tire that lasts a long time was something we focused on.”

Their commitment extends to motorsports, where Yokohama continuously refines tires to excel in endurance events like the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Randy emphasizes the critical role of tires in racing: “Tires are the single most important factor on a race car.” He underscores the need for tires to maintain speed while enduring the rigorous demands of high-altitude races like Pikes Peak: “The tires need to be able to stand up to the run.”

Addressing the transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to EVs, Randy shares his experiences, praising the instant torque delivery and seamless acceleration of electric motors. He humorously contrasts the difference in shifting gears between ICE vehicles and the instantaneous response of electric cars.

Innovations in EV Tire Development and Sustainability

Drew contributes insights into Yokohama’s tire development for EVs, highlighting their expansion beyond Tesla sizes and the introduction of the ADVAN E+ tire specifically designed for EVs. He explains the challenges faced in creating tires for electric rallycross cars, emphasizing durability to withstand the torque of EVs on various surfaces.

The conversation dives into various aspects of EVs, including conditioning, tire development, motorsports, and racing challenges at high altitudes. Jarod addresses the conditioning associated with ICE vehicles, emphasizing individual preferences and goals. He also discusses the idea of retrofitting gas guzzlers with EV technology. Randy reaffirms his confidence in Yokohama tires, particularly the EV tire, highlighting its exceptional performance and longevity.

The conversation showcases Yokohama’s commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability in the automotive industry.

For more information on Yokohama Tire, visit their website at www.yokohamatire.com, and on Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

For more information on Randy Pobst, visit his social pages – Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.



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