Episode 316 with Big Mike: Thinking Bigger
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Episode 316 with Big Mike: Thinking Bigger

Electrify Podcast episode 316 titled 'Thinking Bigger' with host Jarod DeAnda and guest Big Mike

In episode 316 of the Electrify Podcast, host Jarod DeAnda engages in a lively conversation with automotive enthusiast Big Mike, known for his diverse roles as a builder, journalist, event host, and podcast host. The discussion gets into Big Mike’s passion for Honda vehicles, his notable presence in the automotive industry, his mantra of “Think Bigger,” and his perspectives on electric vehicles (EVs).

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Big Mike shares insights into his journey within the car culture, starting from his upbringing as a street kid in Southern California to his evolution into a prominent figure in the Japanese car subcultures, particularly focusing on Honda vehicles. He highlights his experiences as a journalist, event host, and judge at various automotive events around the world, strengthening the organic growth of his career over the past two decades.

Regarding EVs, Big Mike offers a nuanced perspective, acknowledging the likelihood of technological advancements while expressing a fondness for the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) experience. He discusses the polarized opinions within the automotive community, recognizing both the value of EV technology and the concerns surrounding its rapid mainstream adoption.


The conversation transitions to potential EV projects, with Big Mike contemplating the possibility of converting his 1996 Accord Wagon into an EV, leveraging the sufficient space for batteries and drive units. He also reflects on his wide appreciation for different car brands and types, dispelling the notion of exclusivity to Honda vehicles within his interests.

Challenging Stereotypes and Embracing Diversity: Big Mike’s Vision for Automotive Culture

Throughout the podcast, Big Mike challenges stereotypes associated with enthusiasts of Japanese cars, advocating for the recognition of their contributions to automotive culture regardless of brand preferences. He highlights the maturity and diversity within the community, urging a broader perspective beyond narrow labels like “Honda kids.”

Jarod praises Big Mike for his reputation in the automotive world, attributing it to his exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. He explains how this reputation has earned Big Mike respect among influential figures in the industry, such as the Ring Brothers and Sean Smith. Big Mike acknowledges the importance of these connections and expresses admiration for the quality of work produced by his peers.


The conversation shifts towards the evolution of the automotive industry, particularly with the emergence of EVs. Big Mike points out the growing significance of EVs and their impact on events like the Electrify Expo. He acknowledges the skepticism surrounding EVs but highlights their increasing presence and the creativity of builders adapting to this new trend.

Jarod and Big Mike discuss the intersection of EVs and aftermarket modifications, noting the potential for innovation in both realms. They mention examples of manufacturers like Nissan, Ford, and Toyota embracing EV technology, as well as aftermarket builders like Ryan Basseri of Rywire developing EV conversion kits for classic car chassis.

Think Bigger: Life Beyond Cars with Big Mike

Transitioning to a discussion about Big Mike’s podcast, “Think Bigger Project,” Jarod acknowledges the deeper themes explored beyond automotive topics. Big Mike explains the origins of his podcast, driven by requests from his followers seeking guidance and inspiration on various life issues. Despite his initial discomfort with podcasting, Big Mike embraces the opportunity to connect with his audience on a deeper level.

Jarod and Big Mike reflect on the importance of embracing change and staying open-minded, drawing parallels between the automotive industry’s shift towards EVs and the need for personal growth and adaptation. They spotlight the value of expanding one’s perspective and appreciating innovation, even if it initially seems unfamiliar or challenging.

Big Mike shares his perspective on the growing acceptance of EVs, highlighting examples such as the Porsche Taycan and the Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400. They discuss the significance of events like the SEMA Show and Electrify Expo in showcasing EV technology and bridging the gap between traditional and electric vehicles.

Check out Big Mike online at the Think Bigger Project website, and on Instagram and YouTube.



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