Episode 286 with Travis Pastrana - Make Electric Cool
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Episode 286 with Travis Pastrana – Make Electric Cool

Electrify Podcast Episode 286 with Travis Pastrana, creator and founder of Nitrocross, formerly known as Nitro RallyCross
  • Nitrocross is a new sport blending rallycross and off-road racing for thrilling competition.
  • Travis Pastrana is a passionate ambassador for Nitrocross, promoting its excitement and inclusivity.
  • The podcast highlights the future of motorsports, including electric vehicles, female drivers, and innovative track designs.

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In this podcast, Electrify Podcast host, Jarod DeAnda, has a conversation with action sports legend Travis Pastrana and discussed his passion for Nitrocross, the future of motorsports, and the exciting advancements in electric vehicle technology. Pastrana, known for his extreme stunts and accomplishments in various motorsports disciplines, is now an ambassador for the emerging sport of Nitrocross, which combines elements of rallycross and off-road racing.

Nitrocross is an electrifying blend of adrenaline-fueled action and entertainment, showcasing high-flying jumps, tight corners, and intense head-to-head racing. The sport has been gaining popularity among drivers, spectators, and sponsors, presenting a fresh take on traditional motorsports with a focus on sustainability and inclusivity.

During the podcast, Pastrana emphasized that Nitrocross is not just about thrilling racing but also about engaging the audience and making the sport accessible to everyone. He believes that the entertainment value comes from how well the drivers can connect with the audience and relate their passion for racing to everyday people.

Discussing the transition to electric vehicles, Pastrana highlighted the positive aspects of EV technology, such as instantaneous torque and eco-friendliness. He mentioned that while some traditional motorsport enthusiasts might have a soft spot for the loud, roaring engines of the past, the progress toward electric vehicles is inevitable. Pastrana believes that EV technology can be applied to motorsports, opening new possibilities for faster, more powerful, and sustainable racing.

The discussion also touched on the inclusion of female drivers in motorsports, particularly in Nitrocross. Pastrana praised Extreme E, a series that promotes gender equality and encourages women racers to compete on equal terms with male drivers. He expressed excitement about seeing more female drivers breaking barriers and achieving success in Nitrocross.

Pastrana shared his vision for the future of Nitrocross, which involves creating exciting and challenging courses that offer a mix of surfaces, including concrete, dirt, and pavement. The goal is to provide racers with a unique and thrilling experience, pushing them to their limits while ensuring safety and entertainment.

The interview concluded with Pastrana expressing his gratitude to all the passionate people involved in Nitrocross and other motorsports disciplines. He commended the dedicated individuals who work behind the scenes and the enthusiastic fans who support the sport.

Nitrocross continues to grow as a thrilling and progressive form of motorsport, attracting drivers from various backgrounds and pushing the boundaries of entertainment and sustainability. With Travis Pastrana at the forefront, the future looks bright for Nitrocross, and its impact on the motorsport world is only just beginning.


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