Episode 331 with Matt Jaskol: Racing to the Future
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Episode 331 with Matt Jaskol: Racing to the Future

Electrify Podcast 331 with Jarod DeAnda and Matt Jaskol titled Racing to the Future

Matt Jaskol, a professional race car driver and part-time NASCAR competitor, takes a break from the high-octane racing life to chat with Jarod DeAnda about the future of electric vehicles (EVs) in both everyday life and professional racing.

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Matt Jaskol, who has driven everything from dirt bikes to NASCAR trucks, shares his enthusiasm for EVs, particularly the Ford Mustang Mach-E, describing it as “phenomenal” and highlighting its “smooth drive, easy charging, and low cost.” Reflecting on the transition to EVs, he says, “After skydiving ten times in a morning, I need that calm, the cruise, the quiet. It’s the perfect contrast.”

He envisions a future where hybrid and electric powertrains coexist, complementing each other to offer the best of both worlds. “I love hybrids,” he admits, highlighting their potential to balance performance and sustainability. He encourages fans and fellow drivers to see EVs not as a replacement but as a complement to traditional vehicles. “It doesn’t have to be all EV,” he explains. “It’s to complement the driving experience.”

His balanced, hopeful vision stresses the inevitable technological evolution in motorsports while honoring its heritage. As Jaskol succinctly puts it, “We gotta bebe realistic about where we’re headed.” His insights offer a pragmatic approach to embracing change, highlighting that the future of racing is electric.

Whether you’re a die-hard petrolhead or an EV enthusiast, Matt Jaskol’s story reminds us that embracing change doesn’t mean abandoning the past. It means improving our future.



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