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Lucy & Lia Jones Block continue Ken Block’s racing legacy, discussing EVs, education, & their motorsports journey.
WAE Technologies launches Elysia – a battery-management system that speeds charging and extends lifespans.
Electrify Podcast 285: Host Jarod DeAnda chats with Vaughn Gittin Jr, Formula DRIFT Champ, RTR creator, and the Ultimate Fun Haver.
Revamped Electrify Podcast with Jarod DeAnda: Demystifying EVs, showcasing customization, and driving the electrification movement.
The Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition pays tribute to Le Mans and showcases Toyota’s commitment to sustainability and performance.
Lucy Block races Pikes Peak in honor of Ken Block, driving the SIERRA ECHO EV. A heartfelt tribute and support for the 43 Institute.
Energica, the people behind the MotoE electric motorcycle series, have been tapped to build a roadbike by a major OEM – but which one!?
Ken Block just launched Electrikhana — the latest all-electric, Audi powered entry into his classic web series of videos takes on Las Vegas!
Episode 218: Cummins Diesel Swapped Miatas, gimmicks to improve the show, and the all electric Future of Motorsport.



Tesla Cybertruck kicking up some red dust

Electrify Expo's BJ Birtwell Discusses Cybertruck, Online Electric Vehicle Buying, And More

Volvo C40 charging EV adoption

How EV Adoption is Reshaping the Auto Industry

Kaveya Karma parked in front of a luxurious mansion

Meet the Kaveya: The Battery-Electric Super Coupe from Karma Automotive in California