LiveWire Del Mar Launch Edition Sells Out in Just 18 Min.!
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LiveWire Del Mar Sells Out in 18 Min.


It’s impossible to live up to the hype around Harley’s second e-bike, the LiveWire Del Mar, right? Maybe not— they sold out in minutes!

When Harley-Davidson first introduced the $30,000 (ish) LiveWire a few years ago, the response from the brand’s “core buyers” was lukewarm, at best— and downright hostile, at worst! Harley responded quickly with a new management team that spun LiveWire off into its own, all-electric brand that could leverage the Harley name and brand for marketing, but leave all of H-D’s emotional baggage (good and bad) on the side of the road.

They learned a lot of expensive lessons from the LiveWire One, so expectations for the supposedly flat-track-inspired S2 Del Mar were high… but few would have predicted that each and every Del Mar Launch Edition bike would be sold less than 20 minutes after the order books opened.

“The S2 model represents the next step in the evolution of the LiveWire brand,” said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson. “The ARROW architecture underpinning the Del Mar, developed in-house at LiveWire Labs, demonstrates our ambition to lead in the EV space and establish LiveWire as the most desirable electric motorcycle brand in the world.”

The $15,000 Del Mar ($17,699 for the sold-out Launch Edition) promises a reasonably quick, 3.5 second 0-60 sprint and a city riding range of about 100 miles (call it 80 on the highway). Charging speed wasn’t given in the official release, but it’s a small enough battery that it shouldn’t take you too long to top it off.

While we wait for the first LiveWire S2s to reach dealers and customers to get some real-world feedback, you can check out the photos, below, that the company sent along with their press release. You’ll see instantly that they’ve learned a lot from the LiveWire One, and are marketing to an entirely different crowd.

An entirely different crowd, it seems, that is getting the message loud and clear!


LiveWire S2 Del Mar Launch Photos




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