Avvenire's Tectus AWD Electric Mobility Scooter Offers Customized Mobility Solutions for Seniors
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Avvenire’s Tectus AWD Electric Mobility Scooter Offers Customized Mobility Solutions for Seniors

With multiple different rear case choices you can customize the Tectus AWD mobility scooter to fit your needs
  • The Tectus AWD Mobility Scooter features advanced dual-motor all-wheel drive technology for superior performance on any terrain or weather condition.
  • Specifically designed for seniors, the Tectus scooter offers an enclosed cabin with air conditioning, heating, backup camera, and GPS tracking for a comfortable and safe ride.
  • In a rapidly growing mobility scooter market, the Tectus stands out with innovative features like wireless charging and versatile cargo options.

Avvenire Electric Vehicles International Corp., a leading name in the electric vehicle market, is transforming the way we move around with the introduction of its Tectus All-Wheel Drive Mobility Scooter. This innovative vehicle not only introduces advanced technology to the mobility scooter market but also offers a complete solution for the growing needs of senior citizens.


The Tectus AWD Mobility Scooter is designed with advanced technology to provide comfort, convenience, and eco-friendliness. It’s specifically tailored to meet the needs of an aging population, ensuring a smoother and more sustainable mobility experience. The vehicle features an all-wheel drive (AWD) system powered by a dual-motor setup, delivering exceptional performance across various terrains and weather conditions. An enclosed cabin, equipped with air conditioning and a heater, ensures comfortable travel all year round. Additionally, a backup camera and GPS tracking provide seamless navigation and enhanced safety.

The Tectus is a fully enclosed AWD mobility scooter with on-road and off-road capabilities

“The global mobility scooter market has been on an impressive trajectory,” notes Sarah Mitchell, a senior analyst at Mobility Market Insights. “It is expected to continue its robust growth, reaching an estimated $7.2 billion by 2025. This growth is driven by the increasing aging population and the rising demand for convenient and eco-friendly personal transportation solutions.”

The Tectus stands out in a market that has seen little innovation in recent decades, offering a host of new features that elevate the user experience. One of the most notable additions is the wireless charging option, eliminating the need for users to bend down and plug in, thus simplifying the charging process significantly. The Tectus scooter also provides various cargo options, making it ideal for grocery shopping, transporting pets, or even serving as a last-mile cargo solution for urban deliveries.


Aldo Baiocchi, President of Avvenire, highlights the Tectus’s design, stating, “The Tectus, with its advanced design and AWD system, can take you anywhere, anytime. There’s nothing quite like it. Now, seniors can travel in style and comfort without the need for traditional charging. The future of mobility scooters is here.”

The Tectus’s features include a lithium battery with a range of up to 180 kilometers (110 miles), an alarm system for security, and a price starting at $6,995 USD. The variety of options available ensures that the scooter caters to a wide range of needs, from personal mobility to practical cargo transportation.



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