Weld-free, DIY E-bike Concept Lands on Indigogo

DIY E-bike Lands on Indigogo

Welds? Where we’re going we won’t need… welds. At least, that’s what the makers of the DIY City Vanture e-bike would have you believe.

The new City Vanture from Vanpowers Bikes skips the part where they weld the bike frame together completely, and offers buyers a chance to assemble their own frames with a mortise and tenon joint. Think, “insert tab A into slot A” and you’ve pretty much got the idea behind this new DIY concept.

The company launched the idea on Indiegogo a few days ago, and they swear that their mortise and tenor concept delivers a stronger, straighter frame. Which– look, that might be true, but you don’t see NASCAR racers IKEA’ed together, you know?

Ignoring that (and, assuming you put it together properly), your city Vanture will be able to hit 25 MPH and take you up to 80 miles (claimed) on a single, two-hour charge. It’ll look pretty good doing it, too, as it’s available in a huge range of colors, wraps, and finishes. You can check out a few of those here.


City Vanture Features + Colors


We’re a little wary of the whole concept, to be honest– but it’s a good-looking bike, with a solid features list and a wide range of customization. It’s safe to say that we’re intrigued, and we’ll be watching the Indiegogo round of fundraising with great interest.

The company says the bike will start at $2299 when it’s in production, but early birds will be able to get their City Vanture for as little as $1449. You can check that out here, or just watch the Vanpowers promo video explaining the thing below. Once you do, scroll on down to the comments section and let us know how you’d feel about being asked to build your own e-bike.


Vanpowers DIY E-Bike





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