LAND Joins Bloom to Power Electric Mobility with Advanced Batteries
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LAND Joins Bloom to Power Electric Mobility with Advanced Batteries

LAND Joins Bloom to Power Electric Mobility with Advanced Batteries - CORE battery
  • LAND and Bloom collaborate to advance electric mobility with better batteries.
  • LAND to supply advanced batteries for Bloom’s electric motorcycles.
  • Partnership aims to speed up market entry, improve efficiency, and cut costs.

LAND, a Cleveland-based electric mobility and battery manufacturer, has teamed up with Bloom, a Detroit-based platform that streamlines operations for Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) businesses. The collaboration between these two industry giants highlights their joint dedication to transforming electric transportation and driving towards sustainable mobility solutions. Putting a major emphasis on ensuring energy keeps flowing, improving mobility, and staying sustainable, LAND and Bloom are primed to lead the charge towards a new era in transportation.


LAND, founded in 2020 by Scott Colosimo in Cleveland, Ohio, stands at the forefront of innovation in the light electric vehicle (LEV) industry. The CORE battery platform, featuring 20 patents worldwide, has truly changed the game, offering a compact and seamlessly connected power solution not just for two-wheelers and four-wheelers, but also for boats, RVs, and more. As Colosimo states, “LAND has built an intelligent, portable electric battery platform to power other companies.”

Teaming up with Bloom marks a major milestone for LAND, perfectly in line with their goal of transforming portable energy through e-mobility and interchangeable batteries. This partnership positions LAND to broaden its impact and presence in the electric mobility world.

Similarly, Bloom, founded in 2023 by Chris Nolte and Justin Kosmides in Detroit, Michigan, is dedicated to accelerating the maturation of e-mobility and fostering a resilient and environmentally responsible transportation ecosystem. Kosmides highlights, “Economies of scale and shared resources are critical elements that mature markets depend on, and this partnership is a great step in that direction.”


Under the terms of the collaboration, LAND will serve as one of Bloom’s preferred electric battery suppliers, enabling Bloom’s manufacturing partners to integrate advanced battery technology into their electric motorcycles. This integration of LAND’s latest battery solutions into Bloom’s ecosystem will not only expedite time-to-market for electric mobility brands but also improve operational efficiencies and drive down production costs.

LAND Joins Bloom to Power Electric Mobility with Advanced Batteries - CORE battery

The partnership between LAND and Bloom highlights their shared dedication to cultivating a strong network of U.S.-based suppliers and promoting a thriving domestic supply chain. As Nolte mentions, “Bloom is committed to building a robust ecosystem of U.S.-based suppliers, with the goal of establishing a healthy domestic supply chain leading to efficiency among electric mobility manufacturers and greater access to clean tech.”

This partnership between LAND and Bloom offers numerous advantages for industry collaborators, such as improved operational effectiveness, reduced manufacturing expenses, and increased adaptability to market changes.



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