Serial 1 Launches Limited-edition Hardtail e-MTB
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Serial 1 Launches Limited Trail Bike

Just days after revealing their cloud-connected, 2nd gen. e-bikes, Serial 1 has something even more special for us: a first-ever trail bike.

Based on the Harley-Davidson inspired MOSH/CTY frame, the new BASH/MTN is a solid forked, hardtail “mountain bike” of a type not seen since the 1980s. Is it a “real” mountain bike? Probably not– but is it something really special? Absolutely.

For starters, the new BASH/MTN e-bikes will be built in limited numbers– just 1,050 in all– and only half of those (525) will be sold in the US market.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, the Serial 1 BASH/MTN will probably be to the “standard” MOSH/CTY what the Harley-Davidson Sportster XL1200X Forty-Eight is to the XL1200N Iron. That is to say: an aggressively styled, fat-tired, but slightly softer version of the standard bike.

And that, frankly, sounds like a pretty good upgrade for navigating the pock-marked streets of the MidWest (appropriate, since the company’s headquarters is in Milwaukee). In addition to the smoother ride from the higher-profile tires, the “mountain bike” also features an SR Suntour NCX seat post that’s good for 50mm (about 2 inches) of travel.

It’s not a suspension– but it’s also not not a suspension, you know?

To those that might critique the bike’s short list of “real mountain bike” features, Serial 1 offers that their bike has, “no fussy suspension to tune, no finicky drivetrain to adjust– just two wheels, one gear, and one purpose, to provide the most direct connection between you and the trail.”

If you buy that, you can buy a BASH/MTN for just $3999– which is on the budget side of the e-MTBs you’d find from a brand like Giant, Specialized, or Cannondale. Those bikes have real suspensions, and they’re limited too, in their own way.

Limited by how many they can sell.

Not so the Serial 1. This is a rare e-bike, and it will remain so. If that speaks to you, speak to us– tell us what you think of the newest Harley-backed e-bike in the comments section at the bottom of the page.





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