Nissan Partners with ACCIONA to Bring Silence S04 Electric Cars and Motorcycles to Europe
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Nissan Partners with ACCIONA to Bring Silence S04 Electric Cars and Motorcycles to Europe

Nissan Partners with ACCIONA to Bring Silence S04 Electric Cars and Motorcycles to Europe
  • The Nissan partnership introduces compact electric vehicles like the Silence S04 Nanocar featuring an impressive range, spanning from 149 kilometers (93 miles) to 175 kilometers (109 miles).
  • Nissan secures distribution rights for the Silence product range, including the S04 quadricycle vehicles and electric motorcycles.
  • Teaming up with ACCIONA, a leader in electric micro-mobility, Nissan is shaping a more sustainable urban future.

As nations worldwide work to lessen environmental harm and create transportation that helps everyone equally, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming incredibly important. Within this landscape of progress and promise, Nissan is announcing an exciting partnership that will change how people get around cities in Europe. Teaming up with ACCIONA, a leader in electric micro-mobility, Nissan introduces a new chapter in sustainable urban living. This collaboration shows that we’re working together toward a future where things are cleaner, safer, and more fair for everyone.


Under this new partnership, Nissan will hold distribution rights for the Silence product range, including Silence S04 quadricycle vehicles and electric motorcycles, through its extensive retail network across Europe. The journey begins for customers with sales in France and Italy slated from June 2024, followed by Germany in September 2024.

Nissan’s commitment to sustainability is deeply embedded in its long-term vision, Ambition 2030, which aims to make the company carbon neutral across the life cycle of its products and operations by 2050. This ambitious goal isn’t just something they’re saying, it’s a strategic roadmap towards a more eco-conscious future. At the heart of this vision lies the Nissan AMIEO region (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe & Oceania), where the EV36Zero initiative is leading the transition to electric transportation. Now, teaming up with ACCIONA’s car maker Silence, Nissan is ready to change how we get around cities.

Leon Dorssers, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales at Nissan AMIEO, highlights the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Through this significant new partnership with ACCIONA, we’re ensuring that many more people can experience the power and excitement of electric mobility and take the first step on their EV journey.”

This partnership introduces a lineup of compact yet powerful electric vehicles designed specifically for city driving. At the forefront is the Silence S04 Nanocar, engineered to maneuver easily through busy city streets. With different models like the L6e and L7e catering to various urban driving needs, these electric vehicles feature impressive ranges and speeds ranging from 149 kilometers (93 miles) to 175 kilometers (109 miles)  and top speeds of 45 km/h (28 mph) to 85 km/h (53 mph), perfect for both everyday trips and exploring the city.

These electric vehicles are powered by two 5.6kWh batteries, offering quick, simple, and convenient charging options, including direct charging, battery swapping at dedicated stations (available with subscription), and home or office charging through a removable battery pack.


Carlos Sotelo, CEO of ACCIONA’s mobility business and Silence, spotlights the importance of innovation in meeting evolving urban mobility needs, stating, “Silence’s light electric vehicles (EV), partnered with Nissan’s strong distribution network, offers new, exciting, and clever options for urban mobility in Europe, shaping a more sustainable future.”

In addition to offering environmentally friendly transportation solutions, the partnership aligns with Nissan’s broader business strategy outlined in The Arc, a new business plan focused on driving value and competitiveness. In addition to introducing 11 new and exciting models to boost sales in the region, The Arc focuses on partnering with organizations that share their vision, driving business growth together. By teaming up with inventive companies like Silence, Nissan wants to explore new revenue streams, speed up the transition to electric cars, and meet the changing needs of its customers.

This partnership serves a greater purpose, demonstrating the commitment of both companies to sustainability and inclusivity. By expanding access to electric mobility options, Nissan is breaking down barriers and making the transition to electric vehicles more accessible to all.

Introducing Silence products at handpicked Nissan dealerships in France, Italy, and Germany marks the dawn of a fresh chapter in urban mobility. Working closely with select Nissan retailers across these countries, customers can expect to see both L6e and L7e models of the S04 Nanocar, as well as the e-motorcycle, available for sale in dealerships starting June of this year (2024). The Silence product range will also be available in selected Nissan retailers in Germany from September 2024.

Nissan and its retail partners will offer a range of finance, servicing, and insurance options, progressively available from launch. These will be secured and sourced through an appropriate financial institution, to be announced in due course.

While initial distribution is limited to the S04 Nanocar and select e-motorcycles, plans are underway to deliver a greater range of micro-mobility options for customers in the future, meeting needs of all shapes and sizes, whether personal or business. The price of Silence products will vary across the region but promises to provide a clean and cost-effective electric option for many drivers looking for more flexible options for travel across towns and cities.



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