Imperial Picks Flo for EV Charging Network

Imperial Picks Flo for EV Charging Network

The new partnership between the Quebec-based charging network operator and Canada’s largest petroleum refiner will make charging stations available at Imperial’s Esso and Mobil gas stations

Flo continues to lead the charge (Ha!) when it comes to dependable EV charging, and Imperial has selected them to deploy across Canada!

Maybe it seems silly to some people to see EV charging stations at gas stations. But more and more gas companies are partnering with charging network operators to make their stations one-stop shops no matter what kind of vehicle you drive.

FLO, the Quebec-based charging network operator, has partnered with Imperial, Canada’s largest petroleum refiner, to make charging stations available at Imperial’s Esso and Mobil gas stations. This joint venture also includes an agreement to transfer credits under the federal Clean Fuel Regulations.
“FLO’s focus is to provide the best EV charging experience for Canadians, and, right now, one of the biggest pain points for EV drivers and potential EV drivers is that there aren’t enough well-located reliable charging stations across Canada,” said a spokesperson for FLO in an email to Electric Autonomy Canada. “FLO will reinvest the money generated from the sale of these credits into the expansion of Canada’s EV charging infrastructure.”

FLO currently has more than 70,000 fast chargers and Level 2 chargers available at public, private, and residential locations throughout North America. We aren’t clear yet on how many FLO and Imperial EV chargers will get deployed through this partnership, though. 

“The final number will depend on how many branded wholesalers choose to deploy charging stations, but based on the exciting growth trends in EV adoption, we hope many of them choose to do so,” the FLO spokesperson said.

“We are committed to substantially increasing the deployment of more reliable FLO charging stations across Canada and offering EV drivers the most reliable charging experience from curbside to the countryside and today’s announcement will help us to accelerate investments in this space.”


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