FLO Ultra Fast Charger - A game-changer in EV charging
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FLO Ultra Fast Charger – A game-changer in EV charging

flo ultra destination charging station
  • FLO announces the sale of its innovative FLO Ultra fast charger to Green Mountain Power in Vermont.
  • +695The FLO Ultra promises a versatile, rapid, and durable charging experience for EV drivers.
  • Production set to begin in 2024, aligning with the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program’s standards.

Every EV driver can tell you how important the charging experience is. We’re not expecting it to be like the process of filling with gas, but we do expect it to be quick and easy to add range. To achieve this, FLO is leading the charge with its latest offering: the FLO Ultra fast charger. This state-of-the-art 320-kW charger, recently sold to Green Mountain Power (GMP) in Vermont, promises to redefine the EV charging experience for drivers.

A new era in charging

Louis Tremblay, FLO’s president and CEO, expressed his enthusiasm about the new product: “The first sale of FLO Ultra marks a new era in EV charging, delivering the ultimate fast charging experience for every EV driver.” He emphasized the need for a charging solution that is “safe, accessible, convenient, intuitive, and reliable,” and believes that the FLO Ultra encapsulates all these attributes.

Key features of the FLO Ultra

Versatility for all drivers: The FLO Ultra is designed to accommodate various charging angles, ensuring flexibility for drivers. Its patent-pending motorized cable management system is a first in the industry, enhancing accessibility and user comfort.

Rapid charging: Boasting a power of up to 320kW across dual ports, the FLO Ultra can charge most EVs to 80% in just 15 minutes (depending on the car and number of vehicles charging).

Durability and connectivity: Built with recyclable aluminum, the charger is designed to endure extreme weather conditions. Its modular components ensure easy servicing, and its connection to the FLO network allows for remote monitoring and swift diagnostics.

Tiana Smith, GMP’s Leader of Electrification and Sustainability, shared GMP’s vision: “At GMP, we offer programs and rebates to make it simple for customers to switch to driving electric and we’re installing ten new fast chargers across Vermont each year until 2030. As a long-standing customer of FLO, we eagerly await the delivery of four FLO Ultra chargers this spring to further expand fast charging access.”

Paving the way for widespread EV adoption

Set to be available in 2024, the FLO Ultra aligns with the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program’s (NEVI) standards, including Buy America requirements. The NEVI program, with its $5 billion fund, aims to deploy EV fast chargers along major highways, furthering EV adoption across North America.

Tremblay added, “FLO Ultra’s fast charging capabilities are critical to the transition of an all-electric future. We are excited to expand our reliable charging network nationwide.”

Looking forward

As the world accelerates towards a sustainable future, ultra-fast charging will become more important than ever, ensuring that the transition to electric vehicles is smooth and efficient. With the introduction of the FLO Ultra, the promise of a more convenient charging experience has become a reality.



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