How FLO's Technology Will Revolutionize EV Charging
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How FLO’s Technology Will Revolutionize EV Charging

FLO public EV charging
  • FLO is set to redefine EV charging through partnerships with WiTricity and Hubject
  • The WiTricity Halo® EV system promises a future of cable-free charging
  • The Plug & Charge feature ensures instantaneous charging without additional hassles

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), the way we charge these vehicles is equally pivotal. As EVs become more mainstream, the demand for a seamless and efficient charging experience grows. 

FLO, a leading North American EV charging network operator, recognizes this shift and is taking proactive steps to redefine the future of EV charging. Through its partnerships with WiTricity and Hubject, FLO aims to introduce groundbreaking technologies that promise faster charging and a more user-friendly experience. 


This collaboration is set to address two primary areas: wireless charging, which eliminates the need for cumbersome cables, and Plug & Charge, a feature that allows instantaneous charging without the need for additional interfaces or apps. Together, these innovations could reshape the way EV drivers perceive and experience charging, making it as simple as refueling a traditional car, if not easier.

The era of wireless charging


FLO’s alliance with WiTricity revolves around the groundbreaking WiTricity Halo EV charging system. This innovative technology promises a future where vehicles charge without the constraints of cables. WiTricity is championing magnetic resonance technology for a broad spectrum of vehicles. This partnership aims to fast-track the widespread adoption of EVs and set the foundation for an autonomous vehicle future.

Nathan Yang, FLO’s chief product officer, said: “FLO is committed to support all types of connectors available on vehicles in North America, including NACS and potentially wireless on future vehicles. This collaboration is an important first step towards this new technology.”

The future is Plug & Charge


In another strategic move, FLO is partnering with Hubject to roll out Plug & Charge across its upcoming product lineup. This technology lets EV drivers initiate charging simply by plugging in, eliminating the need for apps, RFID cards, or separate payment mechanisms. Hubject offers the essential infrastructure for secure communication between vehicles, chargers, and charging service providers, making Plug & Charge a reality.

Highlighting the importance of this innovation, Yang remarked: “Plug & Charge is an important feature for EV drivers to charge quickly and securely […]. Hubject will help FLO bring this feature to market on our all-new FLO Ultra fast charger, which enters production early next year.”

As the global push for sustainable transportation intensifies, the innovations brought forth by companies like FLO become increasingly crucial. The collaborations with WiTricity and Hubject are not just about introducing new technologies; they represent a broader vision for the future of transportation. A future where the act of charging an electric vehicle is as intuitive and effortless as using a smartphone. 

By eliminating the barriers often associated with EV charging, such as cumbersome cables and complex payment methods, FLO is not only enhancing the user experience but also encouraging more consumers to make the switch to electric. 

As we navigate the next decade, it’s collaborations like these that will drive the EV industry forward, making electric vehicles an accessible and preferred choice for many. The journey toward a greener future is a collective effort and the road ahead looks promising.



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