FLO and Nissan Join Forces to Supercharge EV Adoption in Canada
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FLO and Nissan Join Forces to Supercharge EV Adoption in Canada

FLO and Nissan partner in Canada
  • FLO & Nissan Canada team up: $150 FLO charging credits offered with new Nissan EV purchase/lease + EV Care package, eliminating charging barriers.
  • FLO Home chargers available at Nissan dealerships in Canada. Weather-resistant, smart features, convenient home charging for EV owners.
  • FLO’s seamless EV charging network accessible to Nissan drivers. Coast-to-coast coverage in Canada & the U.S., hassle-free charging options.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are swiftly transforming the automotive industry and reshaping our transportation landscape. In a bid to boost the adoption of EVs and make charging more convenient, FLO, a prominent North American EV charging company, and Nissan Canada have teamed up to unveil two groundbreaking initiatives. These initiatives include complimentary FLO charging credits for Nissan customers and expanded access to FLO’s residential EV chargers across Canada.

Initiative 1: Free FLO Charging Credits

Nissan Canada is revolutionizing the EV market by offering $150 worth of charging credits to customers who purchase or lease a new Nissan EV, accompanied by the Nissan EV Care protection package. This move aims to alleviate any concerns about charging accessibility and encourage more drivers to make the leap to electric. As Louis Tremblay, FLO President and CEO, exclaims, “With more EVs on North America’s roads than ever before, FLO provides drivers with accessible, safe, and reliable EV chargers – at home or on the go.”

Initiative 2: Enhanced Access to FLO’s Residential EV Chargers

In another game-changing move, Canadian drivers can now conveniently purchase FLO Home chargers at Nissan dealerships nationwide. This collaboration between FLO and Nissan Canada aims to make home charging more accessible, encouraging EV owners to charge their vehicles overnight and wake up to a fully charged battery. Ben Lee, President of Nissan Canada Extended Services Inc. (NCESI), expresses his excitement, stating, “We’re thrilled to provide $150 in charging credits to new Nissan EV drivers with their Nissan EV Care protection package. Additionally, Nissan customers will be able to purchase the FLO Home charger directly from Nissan Canada dealerships.”

Why FLO and Nissan Canada?

FLO is a trusted name in the EV charging industry, delivering a seamless network of user-friendly EV charging stations and reliable charging solutions. Nissan drivers who opt for FLO’s offerings will gain access to the extensive FLO EV Charging Network, spanning coast-to-coast across Canada and the U.S. This means Nissan EV owners can enjoy the convenience of charging at FLO Level 2 & DC fast chargers, ensuring they have ample charging options wherever they go.

The FLO Home Charger Advantage

Nissan Canada has chosen the FLO Home charger as the official home charging unit available at its dealerships. Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, this 100% aluminum charger boasts a waterproof, impact-resistant, and corrosion-resistant enclosure, ensuring durability. The ENERGY STAR certified home charger aligns with the maximum power acceptance rates of most EVs, allowing for efficient charging within 6-8 hours. Moreover, the advanced X5 model offers smart charging capabilities, enabling customers to schedule specific charging times, manage power consumption during peak periods, track usage, and customize settings through their iOS or Android devices.

The collaboration between FLO and Nissan Canada marks an important milestone in the journey towards widespread EV adoption. As FLO continues to expand its partnerships with automakers, these new initiatives with Nissan are just the beginning of their joint commitment to accelerating EV adoption in North America. The future of transportation is electric, and FLO and Nissan Canada are leading the charge.

To find out more about FLO’s exciting collaborations and partnerships with automakers, visit flo.com. For detailed information on how FLO calculates its impressive 98% uptime, head to 98% Uptime.

About FLO:

FLO is a leading operator of the North American EV charging network, dedicated to providing smart charging solutions and supporting the fight against climate change. With a vertically integrated business model, FLO ensures EV drivers have access to a comprehensive portfolio of dependable charging solutions. Their extensive network comprises over 90,000 fast and Level 2 EV charging stations deployed across public, private, and residential locations, facilitating more than 1 million charging events every month. FLO’s commitment to excellence is evident in the high-quality charging stations assembled with care in Michigan and Quebec. To discover how FLO champions “EV charging done right™,” visit flo.com.


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