FLO and GM Introduce Plug and Charge for Effortless EV Charging
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FLO and GM Introduce Plug and Charge for Effortless EV Charging

FLO and GM Introduce Plug and Charge for Effortless EV Charging
  • FLO and GM have introduced Plug and Charge at all FLO fast chargers in Canada, making EV charging easier than ever.
  • With this feature, GM EV owners can start charging by plugging in, no app or card needed.
  • FLO’s technology streamlines identification, authorization, and billing for a hassle-free experience.

In a partnership aimed at alleviating range anxiety and advancing electric vehicle (EV) adoption, FLO, a leading North American EV charging network operator, has joined forces with General Motors (GM) to introduce a new feature: Plug and Charge capability. This new tech, smoothly added to FLO’s vast network for fast charging, will change how GM electric car drivers charge up across the country.


FLO, recognized for its commitment to environmental sustainability and smart charging solutions, offers more than 100,000 fast and level 2 EV charging stations strategically deployed across public, private, and residential locations throughout North America. As Nathan Yang, FLO’s Chief Product Officer, states, “FLO’s mission is to provide the best charging experience for EV drivers across North America.” This belief drives the company’s newest project with General Motors.

GM Global Technical Center Powers Up with Largest Deployment of FLO Charging Stations

The Plug and Charge feature, enabled by FLO’s autocharge software, streamlines the fast-charging process for GM EV drivers. With this technology in place, drivers can initiate a charging session effortlessly by simply plugging their vehicle into any FLO fast charging station across Canada. Gone are the days of navigating mobile apps or fumbling with charging cards. As Mathew Palmer, Director of EV Ecosystems at GM Canada, emphasizes, “GM’s Plug and Charge enabled by FLO creates a simplified, seamless, and consistent charging experience for GM EV drivers.”

The integration of Plug and Charge capability marks a significant milestone in FLO’s relentless pursuit of enhancing EV charging infrastructure and user experience. Through its vertical integration and expertise in software development, FLO has equipped its network with state-of-the-art technology that automatically confirms driver identification, authorizes charging sessions, and facilitates billing – all without requiring any additional action from the driver.


Now, to access GM’s Plug and Charge feature at FLO chargers, GM EV drivers can easily link their FLO account with their myBrand App, such as myChevrolet or myCadillac, and activate the Plug and Charge functionality. This smooth integration shows how FLO is teaming up with automotive leaders like General Motors to help more people switch to electric vehicles.

FLO EV charger at Cadillac Fairview mall

As GM continues to expand its portfolio of electric vehicles equipped with the Combined Charging System (CCS) connector, the partnership between FLO and General Motors could change the way we charge EVs. By leveraging FLO’s expertise and network infrastructure, GM aims to address range anxiety and accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility.



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