FLO EV Charging Expands With Production of First Ultra DC Fast Chargers
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FLO EV Charging Expands With Production of First Ultra DC Fast Chargers

Flow charging station with multiple megawatt EC chargers
  • FLO announced its first Ultra DC fast charger has completed assembly at its facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan, expanding the brand’s portfolio of EV charging products.
  • The FLO Ultra DC fast charger is capable of charging most EVs to 80% in just 15 minutes with its dual-port 320kW power configuration.
  • The FLO Ultra DC fast charger is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (NEVI) and the Buy America Act.

FLO, a leading North American EV charging company and smart charging solutions provider, announced a groundbreaking achievement: that the first FLO Ultra DC fast charger has officially rolled off the assembly line at its Auburn Hills, Michigan, facility. The FLO Ultra DC fast charger is an impressive addition to FLO’s EV charging product lineup. The product is expected to bolster EV charging stations in Michigan, home of automotive giants GM and Ford.


This milestone represents a significant leap in FLO’s unwavering commitment to expanding DC fast charging EV infrastructure across the United States and Canada. The FLO Ultra DC fast charger is engineered to meet the escalating demand for high-efficiency EV charging stations, fostering the rapid adoption of electric vehicles and contributing to a sustainable future by reducing carbon emissions.

The Ultra Charger Is a Major Development for FLO EV Charging

FLO Assembles First FLO Ultra Charging Stations in Michigan

The FLO Ultra charger is a breakthrough in EV charging technology. Capable of charging most EVs to 80% in just 15 minutes with its dual-port 320kW power configuration, the FLO Ultra sets a new standard for fast charging, delivering on FLO’s promise to provide the ultimate charging experience in FLO charging stations.

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (NEVI) and the Buy America Act, FLO Ultra chargers are at the forefront of supporting federal initiatives to create a unified, nationwide network of EV charging stations. This network aims to alleviate range anxiety and boost public confidence in the transition to electric vehicles.

The FLO Ultra charger features the new FLO motorized cable management system, known as the EZLift system. This innovative design keeps cables off the ground and provides extended reach, ensuring that the cable can easily connect with EVs regardless of the vehicle port placement. Most importantly, the motorized system significantly reduces the weight and increases maneuverability of the cables, diminishing strain on users and enhancing the overall charging experience.


This production launch follows a series of rigorous tests to ensure each charger meets FLO’s high standards of durability and reliability, including an impressive 98% uptime. As more FLO Ultra chargers are rolled out, they are set to become a familiar sight at public charging stations, offering quick, easy, and efficient charging solutions for EV drivers on the go.

From bustling city curbsides to serene countryside retreats, FLO’s network ensures that EV drivers have access to reliable and efficient charging solutions. Enabling over 1.5 million charging events each month, FLO boasts a robust infrastructure of more than 100,000 fast and Level 2 EV charging stations strategically deployed at public, private, and residential locations. 

In 2023, FLO adopted Tesla’s NACS charging port to simplify EV charging, eliminating confusion for people who need to charge up.

FLO Partnered With GM

FLO recently partnered with GM to introduce Plug and Charge at all FLO fast chargers in Canada. FLO also recently expanded its presence at GM’s Global Technical Center, including adding its FLO CoRe+ chargers and SmartDC fast chargers.

Operating across North America, FLO has established key facilities in Michigan and Quebec, reinforcing its presence and capability to serve the diverse needs of EV drivers. This extensive network not only supports the growing demand for electric vehicles but also plays a crucial role in driving the transition to a more sustainable future.

FLO has allocated nearly 40% of its charging stations to low-income and historically underserved communities, aligning with the Biden administration’s Justice40 Initiative.



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