BorgWarner Offers New Charging System for School Buses
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BorgWarner Offers New Charging System for School Buses

Borgwarner charging school busses
  • Through EPA funding, BorgWarner and the City of Pontiac will work together to use sequential DC fast charging on a small fleet of electric school buses.
  • Sequential charging can support up to five dispensers per fast charger, meaning lower installation costs.
  • The city has already received grants to purchase their electric buses and to help with its installation costs.

BorgWarner, a provider of advanced automotive technology solutions, has recently teamed up with the School District of the City of Pontiac, Michigan, to revolutionize the district’s electric bus charging infrastructure. This partnership involves the installation of BorgWarner’s cutting-edge DC fast chargers featuring proprietary sequential charging technology, specifically designed for the district’s fleet of 25 IC electric school buses.

A Grant for Electrified School Buses

Considered a “prioritized community” by EPA requirements, the School District of the City of Pontiac received a substantial grant of $500,000 for electric vehicle supply equipment hardware and installation costs. Moreover, they were granted a staggering $9,375,000 for the electric buses themselves. 

To further support the infrastructure development, additional funding is being provided by DTE Energy’s eFleet Charger Rebate program. These combined efforts enable the district to pave the way for sustainable transportation while alleviating the financial burdens of converting to electrified fleets.

BorgWarner’s Contribution

This development will mark BorgWarner’s first utilization of the Environmental Protection Agency’s electrification funding from the Clean School Bus Program. The implementation of BorgWarner’s 60 kW and 125 kW DC fast chargers establishes the School District of the City of Pontiac as the first school district to benefit from BorgWarner’s revolutionary sequential charging technology. This innovative approach allows up to five dispensers to charge from a single power conversion system, sequentially charging them one at a time. By installing multiple dispensers per power conversion system, the district can significantly reduce its initial investment and installation costs, while still ensuring efficient and effective charging at DC fast charging levels.

One standout feature of BorgWarner’s state-of-the-art EV chargers is their UL1741SA certification, making them the only DC fast charging solution on the market that is vehicle-to-grid  ready and upgradeable for bidirectional applications. 

Leveraging the V2G capabilities of BorgWarner’s charging technology, future programs with the school district could involve sending energy from bus batteries back to utilities or buildings during times of peak demand. This not only supports the power grid but also opens up new revenue-making opportunities for the district.

Expressing enthusiasm for the collaboration, Isabelle McKenzie, President and General Manager of BorgWarner Morse Systems, stated, “We are pleased to supply our charging technology to the School District of the City of Pontiac and be a part of its green initiative to electrify their school bus fleet. With a strong focus on electrification, we are proud to support the school bus market by enhancing the infrastructure for electric mobility, further demonstrating our commitment to building a cleaner, energy-efficient world.”



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