DieHard EV Chargers Will Expand North American Accessibility

DieHard EV Chargers Will Expand North American Accessibility

hyundai ioniq 5 charging with Diehard EV Chargers partners with EV Passport in parking lot
  • Charging network EVPassport is partnering with DieHard to make it easier to find and access DieHard EV chargers across North America.
  • EVPassport’s software will make finding and paying for charging access more straightforward for customers.
  • The partners hope that this move will create stronger confidence in charging access and lead to wider EV adoption.

EVPassport, a leading electric vehicle charging network, has recently announced a partnership with ESM, the licensee manufacturer for branded DieHard EV chargers. This collaboration aims to make it easier for drivers to locate and access the new DieHard Level 2 and DC fast chargers, with plans to deploy over 20,000 chargers across North America.

About EVPassport

EVPassport Chargers

One of the main features of EVPassport’s software is its user-friendly experience. Drivers can enjoy a simple charging process, requiring nothing more than a quick QR code scan — no apps, fobs, or cards necessary. 

Another advantage of EVPassport is its API-driven, cloud-based software, which allows for endless integration possibilities. The platform is open and interoperable, making it highly accessible and adaptable for a wide range of EV charging needs.

The DieHard and EVPassport Partnership

  • DieHard EV Chargers 95kW
  • DieHard EV Chargers 19.2kW
  • DieHard EV Chargers 11kW
  • DieHard EV Chargers 7.7kW

According to Hooman Shahidi, President and Co-CEO of EVPassport, the collaboration with DieHard is a significant step toward broader EV adoption.

“DieHard revolutionized the automotive replacement battery category when it launched in 1967 and continues to deliver innovative products that provide power and performance. The collaboration and partnership of this iconic American brand will help drive the adoption of electric vehicles, and its rich history of reliability will be carried on through the deployment of thousands of EV charging stations that will be activated and running on the EVPassport platform.”

Terry Marquardt, CEO of ESM, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership as well. 

“EVPassport is a leading charging network in North America, and their commitment to sustainable mobility makes the partnership a perfect fit for our customers and our business. This partnership is driven by our shared mission to create the world’s most reliable, durable and sustainable EV infrastructure in North America.”

As EVPassport and ESM join forces, the electric vehicle charging landscape in North America is set to undergo a significant transformation. With their shared vision of sustainable mobility, dedication to reliability, and commitment to innovation, EVPassport and DieHard are poised to make accessing DieHard Level 2 and DC fast chargers easier than ever.


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