Windrose Technology Semis Use BorgWarner's 960kW Megawatt Charging System
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Windrose Technology Semis Use BorgWarner’s 960kW Megawatt Charging System

Windrose semi driving on road megawatt charging system
  • BorgWarner New Energy (Xiangyang) Co., Ltd, Goodman Group, Windrose Technology, and Decathlon China announced a collaboration on a revolutionary 960kW megawatt charging system in China.
  • The Windrose electric semi truck can replenish around 400 km of range in under 36 minutes using the charging system.
  • The Decathlon-operated warehouse near Beijing will be the world’s first operational megawatt-level supercharging infrastructure.

BorgWarner New Energy (Xiangyang) Co., Ltd. is developing 960kW fast-charging infrastructure for electric long-haul trucks in collaboration with zero-emission long-haul truck developer Windrose Technology. Global industrial real estate company Goodman Group is also a part of the collaboration, along with sporting goods retailer Decathlon, which has been deploying Windrose trucks in China after initial road tests.


As a critical part of the decarbonization strategy of Decathlon China, the fast-charging technology allows the Windrose long-haul electric semi trucks to replenish around 400 km (248.5 miles) of range in under 36 minutes, using BorgWarner’s 960kW megawatt charging system.

The zero-emission trucks will be charged at the Decathlon-operated warehouse in Goodman Citylink near Beijing. The location will be the world’s first operational megawatt-level supercharging infrastructure. Fast EV semi truck charging is a crucial part of Decathlon’s overall sustainability strategy of low-carbon logistics.

About the Companies Collaborating on the Megawatt Charging System

Goodman Group, a leading global industrial and logistics real estate developer, boasts a diverse property portfolio that encompasses logistics warehouses, industrial parks, and data centers. The group’s commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation is highlighted through its cooperation on new energy-heavy truck projects. This pivotal initiative is designed to significantly reduce carbon emissions and operating costs for customers, aligning with the broader goal of promoting sustainability in the logistics and real estate sectors.

Windrose Technology, stepping into the transportation evolution, is gearing up to revolutionize Goodman China’s logistics capabilities by supplying battery electric autonomous-ready heavy-duty truck solutions. These state-of-the-art vehicles are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of Goodman’s clientele, allowing for increased efficiency and a significant reduction in environmental impact.

BorgWarner, specializing in new energy charging technology solutions, has joined forces with Goodman China to create the megawatt charging system for the Windrose semis. Their expertise will play a pivotal role in supporting Goodman China’s customers’ supply chain. BorgWarner New Energy boasts products sold and project development in more than 70 countries.


Electric Semis, Battery Life, and Long Charging Wait Times

The adoption of electric heavy-duty trucks faces significant hurdles, largely due to limitations in battery life and extended charging wait times. In Europe, the most advanced EV trucks boast battery capacities reaching up to 600kWh, offering a range of up to 500 km (311 miles) on a single charge, and support charging speeds of up to 400kW via the CCS2 charging standard.

The scenario in China presents a different set of challenges and opportunities. Common EV heavy-duty truck batteries in China typically have capacities of 280kWh or 350kWh, with a rated voltage of 618V and a current capacity of 400A. Furthermore, these vehicles generally support a charging power of about 280kW.

Windrose Technology is spearheading the electric heavy-duty truck industry with its revolutionary new generation of trucks. These cutting-edge vehicles are equipped with a colossal 729kWh battery capacity, enabling them to travel up to 600 km (373 miles) on a full charge, even under a full load of 49 tons.

This significant advancement in battery technology represents a leap forward in operational efficiency and range capability. Windrose trucks are designed with an 800V high-voltage fast charging platform.

BorgWarner has developed a 960kW liquid-cooled high-power supercharging pile specifically designed to meet the fast-charging demands of Windrose technology’s new trucks. This powerhouse megawatt charging system includes a charging host and two liquid-cooled charging terminals, which are capable of supporting dual-gun single-vehicle high-power super-fast charging. A single gun can output a maximum of 600A, allowing it to replenish 400 km (248.5 miles) of range for a Windrose truck in just 36 minutes.

This charging speed vastly exceeds that of traditional charging stations, addressing the critical issue of long wait times and significantly enhancing the operational throughput of logistics parks by getting trucks back on the road more swiftly.



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