As Biden Invests $623M in EV Charging, Bluedot Addresses Drivers’ Hesitations
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As Biden Invests $623M in EV Charging, Bluedot Addresses Drivers’ Hesitations

man using bluedot phone app while standing next to car charging
  • Bluedot Technologies found that 43% of potential EV drivers are leery of purchasing one because of the lack of EV charging stations. 
  • The Biden administration is targeting new EV charging stations in disadvantaged communities. 
  • EV drivers can make charging more convenient and affordable by using the Bluedot payments and reward app. 

The Biden administration is dedicated to building a robust EV charging network around the country, but Bluedot, a payment and rewards company, addresses the fact that EV drivers believe the network isn’t being built fast enough.


Getting Closer to 500,000 Public EV Charging Stations

Using money from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Biden administration announced a new $623 million package to provide 7,500 new charging stations to get closer to the goal of adding 500,000 EV chargers across the country. These new chargers will support the growing number of EV owners, as the automotive industry recorded that EVs made up 8.5% of new cars purchased in 2023.

Reluctant EV Adopters Due to Limited Public EV Chargers

While the new grants for EV charging stations is good news, many drivers are still cautious about purchasing a new EV because of range anxiety. Verra Mobility conducted a survey asking people considering EV adoption why they haven’t yet, and 43% of their respondents believed they would need roadside assistance due to the limited number of EV charging stations.

One way to solve the worry is to award more charging and fueling infrastructure grants to disadvantaged communities. Loren McDonald, the founder of EVAdoption — an EV data consultant — said, “The private charging networks typically are not deploying…at any significant level in disadvantaged communities because it doesn’t make financial sense.”


Fortunately, the Biden administration is aware of the need for charging stations in disadvantaged, urban, and rural communities. Many of the electric vehicle charging grants from the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law are targeting these key areas — as long as people apply for them. The public needs to be made aware of new charging stations, especially as 80% of the respondents to an April 2023 study said they wouldn’t purchase an EV until charging infrastructure improved.

Bluedot Streamlines EV Charging Payments

Driving an EV has become more affordable thanks to dropping sticker prices and attractive loan and lease rates. Companies like Bluedot, with its payments and rewards app, make paying for EV charging more affordable and convenient.

Many new EV drivers are confused about how to pay for EV charging. The Bluedot app works at more than 70% of charging stations around the US. It shows station availability and gives drivers a competitive flat rate for EV charging — taking away varying per-kilowatt rates at different charging stations.



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