Enhancing the EV Charging Network: A Grant-Funded Initiative Along Highway 101
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Enhancing the EV Charging Network: A Grant-Funded Initiative Along Highway 101

EVCS charging station through CFI Grant Program
  • A CFI grant will help fund over 50 electric vehicle chargers in Washington and Oregon, contributing to the expansion of the EV charging network in the region.
  • EVCS, along with Energy Northwest, has received a $14.6 million grant from the US Department of Transportation’s Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant Program.
  • EV charging at 12 strategic locations will be developed, offering coverage across more than 500 miles.

EVCS – already a prominent player in developing electric vehicle infrastructure – and Energy Northwest have both recently received an impressive $14.6 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant Program, further solidifying their roles in expanding the EV charging network. This substantial award is earmarked for an ambitious project that promises to significantly bolster the EV charging network along the scenic route of Highway 101 in western Washington and coastal Oregon. Over 50 new fast-charging stations at 12 strategic locations will be developed thanks to the CFI grant, offering coverage across more than 500 miles.


How the EVCS and Energy Northwest Project Will Expand Charging Access

The deployment of over 50 new charging stations will provide much-needed support for local residents in rural and disadvantaged communities who are considering the switch to electric vehicles, along with tourists visiting the area. The project plans to include a mix of DC fast chargers for speedy top-ups and Level 2 EV chargers for longer stops at 10 EV charging stations in western Washington and two sites in northern Oregon.

EVCS, under contract with Energy Northwest, is set to assume a comprehensive role in the expansion of the EV charging network. As a reputable entity with a significant footprint in the EV charging industry, EVCS will oversee the planning, designing, and construction of the new stations, ensuring each step aligns with industry standards and user expectations.

More Public EV Charging Stations Thanks To Pooled Resources

Row of EVCS EV chargers in parking lot, installing in california communities

Once operational, EVCS will maintain ownership and manage the day-to-day operations, illustrating its commitment to sustainability and customer convenience. Aligning with their position as one of the West Coast’s prominent EV charging entities, EVCS will make these fast charging stations all publicly accessible, reinforcing the democratic nature of sustainable technologies. Drivers will have the option to engage with various customer-focused EVCS offerings, such as their monthly subscription plans, which streamline the charging experience and support wider EV adoption rates across diverse communities.

With the program’s initiation, Energy Northwest continues to fortify longstanding partnerships with an assortment of stakeholders, pooling resources with local businesses and civic leaders to facilitate the installation of EV chargers in stores and communal spaces. Managing the CFI grant funds, Energy Northwest capitalizes on its proven track record of prolific joint ventures with EVCS on several infrastructure initiatives.



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