EvoCharge Launches the Mobile DC Fast Power Station
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EvoCharge Launches the Mobile DC Fast Power Station

EvoCharge Launches Mobile DC Fast Power Station
  • The Mobile DC Fast Power Station by EvoCharge delivers a powerful 50kW charge for fast EV charging throughout North America.
  • EvoCharge’s portable Mobile DC Fast Power Station allows for convenient charging anywhere, making it ideal for automotive dealerships and service centers.
  • With two models available, EvoCharge’s Mobile DC Fast Power Station is compatible with a wide range of electric vehicle architectures, ensuring fast charging for all types of EVs.

Electric cars are becoming really popular, and EvoCharge is leading the way in this awesome trend. Established in 2009, EvoCharge has been a trailblazer in vehicle electrification, offering top-notch charging solutions for homes, businesses, and commercial spaces. EvoCharge chargers offer impressive performance, user-friendly features, and a durable build. This means that EV owners can trust EvoCharge to deliver a top-notch charging experience. With their innovative technology and positive customer feedback, EvoCharge continues to solidify its position as a leading provider of EV charging solutions in the market.

Now, they are using their knowledge and skills to go even further with the introduction of their Mobile DC Fast Power Station, a groundbreaking advancement in the electric vehicle charging field.


Efficient and Flexible EV Charging Solution for North American Fleets

This cutting-edge product delivers an impressive 50kW of power, ensuring fast charging for electric vehicles across North America. Fleet operators can finally breathe a sigh of relief as EvoCharge provides them with a flexible and efficient solution to keep their electric fleets fully charged. With wheels and a 16-foot power cable, the Mobile DC Fast Power Station can be easily relocated within a facility or even in the parking lot. This means that vehicles can be rapidly replenished and quickly return to service, minimizing downtime.

Advanced Connectivity and Real-Time Monitoring for Enhanced EV Charging Management

The Mobile DC Fast Power Station also boasts advanced features that make it stand out from the competition. It can be connected to the network via Wi-Fi or LTE, allowing for real-time access control and charging data. Fleet managers can stay on top of their charging operations with ease, thanks to the comprehensive time-based reporting provided by the system.

EvoCharge understands that different electric vehicles have different charging requirements. That’s why they offer two models of the Mobile DC Fast Power Station. The first is a 500V model designed for EVs with 400V architecture. The second is an 800V model tailored to medium to heavy-duty vehicles with 800V battery architecture. This versatility ensures that all types of electric vehicles can benefit from the convenience and speed offered by EvoCharge’s innovative charging solution.

Enhancing Convenience and Customer Satisfaction with Portable EV Charging

One of the most exciting aspects of the Mobile DC Fast Power Station is its portability. Automotive dealerships and service centers can now quickly recharge EVs located outside or in service bays without the need for permanent DC fast charging stations. This flexibility not only saves time and installation costs but also enhances the overall customer experience. Imagine returning a fully charged vehicle to a customer after service – a small gesture that can go a long way in building customer loyalty in the EV market.

“We’re excited to enter the DC fast charging arena with our new Mobile DC Fast Power Station,” Tom Moser, President of Phillips & Temro Industries, expressed his excitement about EvoCharge’s new venture into the DC fast charging arena. “We see numerous applications for this product because of its fast-charging features and mobility.”

EvoCharge has once again proven why they are leaders in the EV charging space. With their Mobile DC Fast Power Station, they have combined innovation, convenience, and flexibility into a single powerful solution. Whether you’re a fleet operator, a service center, or an automotive dealership, this product will undoubtedly elevate your charging capabilities to new heights.


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